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Above-Ground Pools

Above-Ground Pools: Nothing is better than to install a pool at your own place to make the most of your summer. An above-ground pool in your garden will bring freshness and relaxation and it will be much fun to spend pleasant time with family and friends, it makes friendly and fun atmosphere around the pool, wether it's a wooden pool or a freest...

Above-Ground Pools: Nothing is better than to install a pool at your own place to make the most of your summer. An above-ground pool in your garden will bring freshness and relaxation and it will be much fun to spend pleasant time with family and friends, it makes friendly and fun atmosphere around the pool, wether it's a wooden pool or a freestanding one, tubular or made of stainless steel.
They come in different sizes and forms: octagonal, round, oval, varying heights to choose the best suited for your back garden. Inground, partially inground or above-ground, there will always be a pool that meets your needs. All pools are of high quality with relevant filtration systems and a full range of accessories. Swimming, diving, splashing could be turned into an inexpensive and fun experience.
We offer you a full range of above-ground pools.
Wooden pools combine aesthetics and simplicity. The wooden structure of the pool gives it a natural look. The pools are sturdily constructed and have a long-serving lifespan. Their installation is easy, just like a Lego game, planks fit together into each other. There are both above-ground pools and partially in-ground pools. The metal frame pools are easy to install, as well. The pool is more stable and more resistant by maintaining the tubular structure.
Stainless steel tubes are fit together to fix the ground cloth, the water pressure provides stability and easy maintenance. Freestanding pools are ideal for holidays, they can be mounted quickly and easily. The flange and the pressure of the water allows to remain sustainable to the pools.
The installation and mounting of the stainless steel pools are relatively simple and require very little preparation or intervention on the ground. You don't have to embark on major installation works, this model provides you safety, due to the solidity of its structure.



  • Wooden Pools

    Our wooden pools offer you comfort and enjoyment, bringing together aesthetics and resistance.

    • Piscine bois hors sol
    • Piscine bois semi enterrée
      Partially In-ground 
    • Piscine bois enterrée


    There are available many forms of swimming pools: octagonal, elongated octagonal, hexagonal, square, rectangular, different sizes and different heights fitting for each garden pool. Their structure is of high quality and fits perfectly at your backyard. There are both in-ground or partially in-ground pools. The special treatment of our wooden pools gives them greater resistance to overcome weather conditions and offers the possibility to choose between an above-ground, in-ground or partially inground safe installation. Do not hesitate to buy an above-ground pool! You will find the model that suits you the best and that perfectly fits into your garden.

    You invest in a quality product with the above-ground wooden pools, aesthetic and natural. The pools are provided with full equipment, liner, filtration system, installation kit and plumbing. They are very easy to install by a plank interlocking system. Technical service is also available to help you with assembling. You will not require additional equipment whether you choose to install your pool in-ground or partially in-ground. This purchase is a long-lasting investment and you can make it evolve along with your needs by adding a projector or a heat pump or automatic equipment.

    Also, buying a pool will help you to spend sunny days with family and friends. This purchase will allow you not only to relax and swim but also to have fun, laugh, plunge and splash. You will find the pool of your dreams that is also budget-friendly, if you need an advice for your purchase, it will be given to you by our advisors. All models are in stock and can be delivered in short time. We help you to put into practice your desires; all you have to do is to opt for the best price for your pool on

  • Portable Above-Ground Pools
  • Tubular Above-Ground Swimming Pools
  • Above-Ground Stainless Steel Pools

    Tired of having to dismantle your pools at each end of the season? You want a more sustainable model? Why not buy a stainless steel pool? An ideal purchase to meet your entire family's requirements. These above-ground pools are available in either round or oval shapes. Sizes range from 3,50 meters to 10 meters in diameter for longer models,with heights between 1.20 to 1.40 meters. Our stainless steel pools are very strong with reinforcements all around their dimeter and with supporting struts all along their length that ensure a quality product and unmatched durability. The installation is simple and fast. No need to dismantle at the end of the season,our steel pools are designed to stay outside all year round,no need to discard the water you save on your bill. You are now a few clicks away from making an important purchase with our complete set of above-ground pools. With their different aspects they will adapt to your environment and enhance your garden with their exterior decorations.
    Buying a pool that combines robustness and aesthetics will allow you to have fun all throughout the summer. You can purchase different accessories for these pools, thus making swimming more enjoyable with the addition of automatic water treatment or using robotic cleaners and why not embellish your garden with lighting accessories, a solar shower or a garden lounge to enjoy a beautiful and friendly poolside view?

  • Intex Pools


    Logo IntexWorld number one above ground pools manufacturer - INTEX manages, through mass production and modern techniques and solutions, to provide a wide range of products to choose from. The models are innovative and robust which ensures a quality purchase. 
    INTEX offers a wide range of pools. These are playful pools suitable for all swimmers, young or adult, because the brand offers various portable models, stainless steel or metal frame, with round shapes ranging from 2.44 up to 5.49 in diameter, oval or rectangular models measuring up to more than 9 meters long and from 76 cm to over 1.30 meters in height.

    With 40 years of experience, this brand has changed its swimming pools and services to best meet your expectations. For example,during the swimming season they have a call center opened to answer all your questions. 
    Installation is quick and easy. Within a minute everything is set up and you can start swimming.
    It is an economical purchase. INTEX pools require very low use of maintenance products due to their customized volumes. Also you do not have to buy a filtration system, as it is supplied with all models of this brand. Furthermore, depending on the model, many accessories like ground cloths and cleaning kits with vacuum cleaners are also included in the package.

    Do not hesitate to buy an INTEX pool at a good quality/price ratio that requires very little installation work to ensure you and your family have an attractive alternative to enjoy the summer season with no hassle. You will not regret your purchase!

  • Above-Ground Pool Accessories

    If you are looking for small maintenance materials, you are at the right place. You will find in this category all the necessary elements for the maintenance or repair of your outdoor pool. You will also find a wide choice of materials, be it a bubble tarpaulin to increase the water temperature during the summer, or tarpaulins of several forms and dimensions adapted to the above-ground, wooden, steel, tubular or freestanding pools, but you will also find replacement liners of various sizes and heights for all types of pools.

    Moreover, you can find in this section maintenance accessories, such as replacement filtering cartridge elements, drain pipes, sectionable or soft PVC pipes, maintenance kits, manual or electrical vacuums, cleaning sponges or leaf skimmers. Not to mention the small repair equipment such as valves, hose clamps, hooks, strainers, liner repair kits, very useful for preserving the life of your pool. This category also includes sand fiter-pump combos or replacement cartridges. Finally, some useful accessories such as ground cloths, to protect the pool against soil contaminants, cover rollers to allow a rapid and orderly storage of bubble covers etc.

    You can also find gadgets for your above-ground pool such as a thermometer or a footbath. A wide range of accessories is available to enhance your above ground pool. In this section you will find the necessary and useful accessories, so that you can enjoy to the fullest the benefits of having your own above-ground pool by performing a simple and easy maintenance, thanks to the multitude of items listed in this category. We hope our selection of products will meet all your requirements.

  • Wooden Aspect Pools
  • Stainless Steel and Resin Pools
  • Gré Swimming Pools
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