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Best price guarantee always offers the best prices at the market due to regular control of the prices for fair competition.

If you find elsewhere a product which is lower price, just contact our customer service at 0 805 0800 81 or by mail to before placing an order. We will ask you to send us the URL address of the site which offers the same product, same brand, at a lower price than offered by Quick research will be made by our customer service and in case of following the Terms & Conditions below, we will meet the cheapest price you have found. In accordance with official law, we will not be able to meet the prices that fall into the field of sales at a loss. (The sale at a loss is prohibited, according to the Article 1 of Law No. 63-628 of July 1963).

Terms & Conditions:

The products which are displayed on a competitor's website must meet the following criteria:

- Be strictly identical to the product sold by (same brand, same characteristics, same model, same version, same reference manufacturer, same colors, with identical accessories included and corresponding warranty period).

- Be in stock and not to be temporary broken.

- Available in continental France.

- To be dispatched within the same time as

- Benefit from identical payment methods.

- Not to be displayed at auction sites, peer-to-peer sales, forums, private sales or price comparison websites.

- Only the sales price in TTC (All Taxes Included) of the indicated product must be taken into consideration as well as the transportation costs, eco taxes and any management fees must be included (flash sales, discounts, sales by lot, sales, loyalty points, promotions, destocking, coupled sales are not eligible for the current promotion)

The following products purchased and paid at are not eligible to the current pormotion:

- Product was paid using a gift voucher or a discount voucher.

- Product was paid using a discount code or a promotional code.

- Product was bought at a partner's website.

- Product was paid using deferred or split payment (3 payments free of charge).

- Products from a price comparison websites.

- Including a specific offer for example; item or service offered, 2 items for the price of one, an item for additional price, for example, one Euro (€), batch sale, coupled sale, clearance sale, loyalty benefits, flash sale.

This offer is not refundable in case of cancellation of an order or return of a product by the customer, whatever the reason for the return of the product. This offer is not valid with any discounts (gift vouchers, coupon codes, promo codes, etc.) This offer is limited, one refund per household for the same product (same name, same billing address) and one refund request per item.

"Price Difference Reimbursement" procedure.

Any refund request must be made within 24 hours of the purchase at website through customer's account. All you need to do is log into your account, then go to "order history and details", click on the "price difference reimbursement" button and fill out the special form that will be provided for this purpose. Please note that the "price difference reimbursement" form will no longer be available in your account, after the 24 hours deadline. In order to complete the "price difference reimbursement" form, we ask you to provide us with the following information: the website's address, URL of the cheaper product's page, the price displayed at the product's description page, shipping costs, any additional fees (for example, the actual price to be paid at the final payment page) Only one "price difference reimbursement" request per item is allowed. Incomplete or error-filled forms will not be processed by customer service (URL not found, price difference is missing, etc.)

The price comparison will be based on a price difference finding within 72 hours of the "price difference reimbursement" request (3 working days).

If all the terms & conditions specified in this document are met, the refund of the price difference will be made exclusively in the form of a voucher, valid for one month. This voucher will be available at your personal account with Please note, the voucher will be issued within 30 days from the date the form has been accepted by for any product which is available in stock or delivered, until the "price difference reimbursement" request will be expired (the above-mentioned time frame applies). In case, the shipping time of a product would be greater than 20 days, the voucher will be available within 15 days after the shipment of a product and after expiry of the above-mentioned time frame. The customer will be informed of his/her voucher by email. The voucher is valid only within 1 month (30 days) from the date it is issued.

The "price difference reimbursement" voucher is only applicable to the amount of merchandise including tax, excluding shipping cost and it cannot be combined with any other promotion. One voucher per order will be accepted. The voucher cannot be exchanged for a monetary value or canceled & refunded to any customer. Customer cannot use a promo code and the voucher at the same time for the same order. The voucher designed only for personal use and it cannot be gifted or passed to other persons, it can only be used once by the eligible customer during payment of an order. Any "price difference reimbursement" request or the voucher request will be refused in case of total or partial non-compliance with the Terms & Conditions mentioned above.