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About us

C-PISCINE.COM is a European company located at the heart of Europe, or more precisely in Luxembourg, a country at the forefront of e-commerce and new technology.

C-PISCINE.COM works exclusively alongside major brands and highly qualified logistics partners who are based in various European countries. Our desire to instil a genuine European culture into our trade allows us to meet all of your needs, wherever you live on the continent: C-PISCINE.COM is able to send all of your orders by guaranteeing a secure delivery and within the agreed time.

Your satisfaction is the centre of our attention, and this is why C-PISCINE.COM is here to understand your expectations and to advise you effectively. With a wide selection of products among which you will find exclusive offers in our online store, our objective is to guide you as best we can when it comes to meeting your needs.

C-PISCINE.COM is also able to offer you assistance as many times as is necessary so that your pool remains a pleasure for both you and your family. Our call centre agents have been trained and are ready to assist you by phone, and an after-sales service is available to all customers.

C-PISCINE.COM is the new online store which always offers and will always offer its customers the right product at the right price, wherever you may be in Europe. Whether you are an owner of a pool or wish to become one one day, C-PISCINE.COM is here for you.