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After-sales service

Customer satisfaction comes first!

The case management of our customers and improving the quality of our services remains the number one objective of

Our after-sales service gives you a maximum satisfaction guarantee and is committed towards meeting your demands as soon as possible, while also assuring you of individual support.

* Procedure to follow in the event of faulty goods

Contact our support

You must mention the type of product you have purchased, the equipment serial number and the order reference on the contact form, and must inform us of the reason for the return giving as much detail as possible. You will get an after-sales service number from us accompanied by a returns agreement which allows you to send your equipment to the address we will have given you.

If you wish, we can dispatch a courier to your home address, however you will remain liable to pay any transportation costs.

Any return costs will be covered by after repair work is complete.

IMPORTANT: Please check that you have met the usage and installation conditions before making contact with us. It is important to retain your purchase invoice so that you can benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty.

As part of returning equipment outside of its warranty period, you will be charged for transportation and packaging and a repair work quotation offer will be sent to you, while repair work will only be carried out after validation and after the quote has been paid in full.