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Above-ground C-POOL CONFORT cover


The above-ground C-POOL COMFORT cover gives protection and high-end finishing touch to your swimming pool. It is very easy to install, it is available with PVC or exotic wood trim. The C-POOL COMFORT cover is made in France and complies with safety standards.

  • Custom-tailored manufacturing
  • Suitable for swimming pools up to 12 x 6m
  • PVC opaque-color blades, solar PVC or Polycarbonate available in 10 colors.
  • Epoxy framework covered with smooth PVC or exotic wood.
  • Fastening straps match the color.
  • Safety fasteners matched to the color of the coating
  • Easy plug-in engine for quick connection.
  • Pre-wired engine at the factory for ease of installation.
  • Possibility of manufacturing in 8 working days* (extra cost of 15%)


  • Anodized aluminum axis with 160mm diameter.
  • Fixing of the adjustable posts in the direction of the width of the pool on the engine's side.
  • Fixing of the adjustable posts in the direction of the length of the opposite side of the pool.
  • Spread of posts adjustable in the direction of the width of the pool.
  • 24V tubular engine with integrated and disengaged electronic limit switch.
  • Key switch: contact held in closing and pulse opening.
  • Easy plug-in engine: quick connection.
  • 220V / 24V electric box with engine safety feature.
  • Opaque-colored insulated PVC blades, anti-UV and anti-stain treated.
  • Extra UV protection for solar blades.
  • Blade finish, 20mm PVC fins, option of brushes.
  • Finishing straight cut or smooth finish as an option.
  • Manual safety lock with anti-lift buckle.
  • Servo box electrolyser, optional.
  • Complies with security standards.

Warranty: 5 years.

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