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The Triton II Sand Filter has a fineness of filtration close to a diatom filter. It is considered the best sand filter at the market...

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Triton II Clear Pro Sand Filter

filtre à sable triton II, filtre à sable Pentair

The Triton II sand filter is very efficient and it requires very little maintenance. Your water will become crystal clear!

The advantages:

  • The screen of the Triton II sand filter is made of a porous material that is impermeable enough for the water to pass through without losses, it's capable to provide an effective barrier against the finest particles such as dust, algae or pollen. The Clear Pro feature allows the Triton II sand filter to benefit 4 times better filtration rather than a traditional filter (10 microns filtration fineness instead of 40 microns).

crépine triton

  • The maintenance is simpler than a cartridge filter or a diatomic filter: only one backwash per year is enough for the Triton II sand filter to remain efficient.


dimensions triton II,


  • 6-way valve with turbidity indicator.
  • Fiberglass-reinforced, UV resistant coating.
  • Tilting diffuser allows direct access to filter balls, sand or other internal parts.
  • Resistant closure system incorporates an air vent for quick and easy inspection and maintenance.
  • Manometer with top mounting, easy to read, with manual bleed.
  • Strainers with Clear Pro technology allow fineness filtration close to a diatomic filter.
  • Easy-to-use and over-wintering drain.
  • Max. Operating temperature: 50 ° C.
  • Max. Operating pressure: 3.5 bar.

Technical specifications:

Filter model Triton II D480 Triton II D610 Triton II D760 Triton II D910
Diameter Ø 480mm (19") Ø 610mm (24") Ø 762mm (30") Ø 914mm (36")
Filtration surface
0,17m² 0,29m² 0,45m² 0,64m²
Flow reference 8,5m³/h 14m³/h 22m³/h 32m³/h
Enter / Exit 1"1/2 1"1/2 2" 2"
Filter load: filter balls 1,4kg 2,8kg 5,6kg 8,4kg

Warranty: 10 years (tank)


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