The Vulcan Titanium Heat Exchanger has been designed to help you reach the desired temperature...

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Vulcan Heat Exchanger 

échangeur vulcan

The Vulcan Heat Exchanger makes it possible to heat the pool water. It is compatible with gas or oil boilers and heat pumps or cooling pumps.

It operates on the principle of heat exchange between domestic heating and swimming pool water. The hot water produced by the primary circuit (heating) circulates in the titanium tubes, thus the temperature in swimming pool increases. In turn, water from the secondary circuit (pool) circulates in the tubes and heats up before returning to the basin.


  • Rapid rise of the temperature in a swimming pool.
  • Suitable solution for specific needs.


  • The exchanger is installed in the filtration circuit at the technical room.
  • The distance between your heater and the heat exchanger should be as short as possible to avoid heat loss.
  • Installation can be done horizontally or vertically.


  • Its design allows to reverse the direction of circulation of the primary and secondary circuits, for a maximum gain of energy. Simply deflect the primary (hot) circuit in the opposite direction to the secondary circuit (pool).

échangeur vulcan

  1. Plug of thermostat pocket.
  2. Expansion springs.
  3. Fittings.
  4. Shut-off plug.
  5. Outside tank (1.5 "fittings).
  6. Body exchanger.
  7. Cap coupling ends.


  • Inner tube: pure titanium.
  • Outer tube: stainless steel.
  • Sealed ends with polymer alloy fittings for primary and secondary circuits.
  • 2 adjustable supports for wall or floor mounting.
  • Water connections: 1.5 "for pool water 50mm for connection of PVC or ABS pipes.
  • 1 non-return valve 1 ".
  • Titanium sheath for thermostat.
  • Plug and seal included.

Technical characteristics:

caractéristiques pour échangeur vulcan

  • Hydraulic connections: 1.5 "/ Ø50mm.
  • Secondary connection: Ø26 / 34mm / 1 "BSP m.
  • Working pressure: 4 bars.
  • Height: 141mm.
  • Chloride content: 3 ppm (mg/L).
  • Range pH: 6.8 - 8.
  • Hardness of water: 200 - 1000 ppm (mg / L)./L).
  • Salt content: 0.3% maximum.

Power Max primary volume 90/70°C Max primary volume  45/35°C
25 kW 60 m³ 30 m³
40 kW 120 m³ 50 m³
70 kW 200 m³ 80 m³
100 kW 280 m³ 110 m³


  • Vertical mounting:

installation montage vertical d'un échangeur vulcan

  • Horizontal mounting:

échangeur vulcan avec montage horizontal

Warranty: 2 years.


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