The liner C-DREAMLINER V2 is a liner composed of a high-end membrane associated with a varnish on both sides.

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C-DREAMLINER V2 75/100th Liner

The Liner C-DREAMLINER V2 is made from a membrane whose superior qualities grant it a resistance and an increased protection against the aging due to the UV, against the abrasion and the scratch, against the micro-organisms and against the dirt on the water side. C-DREAMLINER V2 liners are the only mono-layer liners to feature such a performance package.


  • Custom-tailored manufacturing.
  • Suitable for all shapes of pools.
  • Available in 6 plain colors.
  • 2-sided varnish.
  • Possibility of express manufacturing in 5 or 10 working days*


  • Thickness 75/100th.
  • Upper class liner, 2-sided varnish.
  • Complies with AFNOR standard NT T 54-803-7.
  • Withstand water temperature at 33 °C.
  • Resistance to tasks guaranteed 8 years.
  • Dimensional stability guaranteed 5 years.
  • Membrane tightness guarantee 15 years (10 years full + 5 years degressive).
  • Welding seal guarantee 15 years (10 years full + 5 years degressive).

Manufacturing time frame:

  • Standard manufacturing, 15 working days.
  • TOP 10 * deadline, 10 working days. (* 15% added value on the price of the liner)
  • TOP 5 * deadline, 5 working days. (* 25% added value on the price of the liner)

Warranty: 15 years.

  • 10 full years.
  • 5 years degressive.
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