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The Harvia Claro Sauna features a beautiful contrast of light lumber and dark-finished paneling; the full-glass front provides an open, spacious feel inside the sauna; and the arc of the wrap-around back support blends smoothly with the curved multi-level benches.

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Harvia Claro Sauna x 3-4 Seats

sauna 3-4 personnes claro

The inside of the sauna:

sauna claro intérieur

The well-thought balance between light and dark is in full unison with the outer surface. Black spacing between the rectangular panel sheets gives the sauna interior a solid rhythm. The unique Harvia Ventura benches make use of the same design language, adding a bench that is very pleasant to sit on.

The lighting:

Light is one of the key concepts in the Claro sauna. Light comes in through the 8 mm thick tempered glass front ensuring excellent thermal insulation – and when needed, the corner lamps and a LED strip in the upper bench give their warm-toned support.

The Claro sauna heater :

Harvia Kivi heater is well suited to the nature of the sauna – the heater produces a traditional soft sauna bath in a modern way. The triangular steel frame with nearly 100 kg of sauna stones looks impressive through the glass front. Also the stylish Harvia sauna accessories set of stainless steel is included in the delivery.

poele kivi

Harvia Kivi heater is equipped with a separate digital control panel. Control panel can be located in or outside the sauna with a data cable

This heater is extremely easy to use and, for example, allows you to: 

  • Adjust the temperature accurately – even by just one degree. .
  • Preheat the sauna.
  • Program the duration of the session.

Technical features of the Kivi heater:

Model Output Power supply Size in mm (width x depth x height) Weight Stone capacity: Remote control unit Heater location
Kivi PI70 6,9 kW Three-phase 370 x 370 x 1200 15kg 100kg Supplied On the floor


The Harvia Claro sauna consists of inner and outer walls 15 mm thick, with thermal insulation made of 50 mm thick mineral wool which limits heat loss and guarantees a rapid rise in temperature while ensuring low consumption for the heater. 

Vapor barrier:

It is placed between the paneling and mineral wool prevents moisture from penetrating and thus avoiding any risk of mold and bad odors.


installation sauna

Technical features of the Claro Sauna :

  • Model: Claro S2116.
  • Capacity: 3 to 4 persons.
  • Width: 1592 mm.
  • Depth: 2066 mm.
  • Height: 2070 mm.
  • Volume: 6,8 m3.
  • Lower bench width: 550 mm.
  • Upper bench width: 550 mm.
  • Heater: Harvia Kivi PI70.
  • Tempered glass door: 1.
  • Lower bench: 1.
  • Upper bench: 2.
  • LED light strip: 1.
  • Usage kit (bucket , ladle, thermometer): 1.
  • Instructions for use: 1.

Made in Finland.

Warranty: 2 years.

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