The Bestway Hydrium pool is made of high quality galvanized steel

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Bestway Hydrium Oval Pool 6,10 x 3,60 x 1,20m

piscine hydrium bestway ovale 5.00 x 3.60 x 1.20m

The Bestway Hydrium pool is made of high quality galvanized steel. Thanks to its sturdiness, it will not suffer any damage even if it is installed in your garden all year long, even during an out of season. This Hydrium steel pool is equipped with an above ground skimmer, a high quality liner, struts and reinforcements around the swimming surface. The pool has everything you need to enjoy the premium pools !

BESTWAY strengths :

  • A pool designed to last : Composed of a reinforced steel structure, reinforcements on the sides and small curbstones. Thanks to this successful finish, the pool can be used all year round.
  • Premium Liner : a material giving great durability and high resistance. It is able to tolerate exposure to chlorine and withstand the pressure of a large volume of water. Despite UV contact, it remains intact.
  • 2022 originalities, modern design and Liner : in 2022, Bestway presents the Hydrium pool with a gray structure and a liner decorated with prismatic stones. With this unique pattern on the liner and the new color of the structure, the Hydrium range becomes a modern and updated pool.
  • ChemConnect : Chemical dispenser that attaches to the discharge nozzle to ensure a stable level of chlorine in all areas of the pool.

piscine hydrium bestway ovale 5,00 x 3,60 x 1,20m

Equipment provided :

piscine tubulaire hydrium grise 6.10 x 3.60 x 1.20m

Dimensions :

dimensions hydrium ovale grise Bestway 6.10 x 3.60 x 1.20m

A quick and easy installation :

  1. With 3 people, assembly time around 180 min.
  2. Prepare the soil.
  3. Install the pool. Join the tubular structure.
  4. Proceed xith the filling.

Gift :

A gift offered with the acquisition of a Bestway tubular pool 6,10x 3,60 x ↕1,00m.

cadeau piscine bestway Hydrium 5,00 x 3,60 x 1,20m

TIPS : How to proceed with the treatment of your above-ground swimming pool ?

traitement piscine hors sol

When you decide to acquire a nice swimming pool, you must prioritize the treatment of the water to bathe safety!

Here are our starter kits that correspond to above-ground pools


Starter kit from

0 to 10m3

Starter kit from

10 to 20m3

Starter kit from

20 to 30m3

Anticalcaéro Piscimar 1 x 1L 1 x 1L 1 x 1L
Ph - in powder Piscimar 1 x 1,5 KG 1 x 1,5 KG 1 X 8 KG
Slow chlorine in tablets 20G Piscimar 1 x 1 KG Non Non
Slow chlorine in pebbles 250G Piscimar Non 1 x 2 KG 1 x 5 KG
Chlorine shock Ritocal GR 1 x 1,5 KG 1 x 1,5 KG 1 x 1,5 KG
Test strips FTK Mini 25 strips FTK Mini 25 strips FTK chlore 50 strips
Floating diffuser chlorine Yes Yes No
Bestway skimmer No No Yes
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Technical characteristics :

  • Reference : 56586.
  • Structure : Tubular.
  • Structure color : grey novelty 2022.
  • Liner pattern : prismatic stones novelty 2022.
  • Configuration : Oval.
  • Dimensions : 6,10x 3,60x ↕1,20m.
  • Assembly : aboveground.
  • Swimming surface : 6,10 x 3,60 x ↕1,05m.
  • Water volume : 19,93 m³.
  • Supply voltage : 220-240V.
  • Filtration : sand filter.
  • Filtration capacity : 5,678 L/h.
  • Filter media : Not integrated.
  • Pipe diameter : Ø38mm.
  • Ladder : safety ladder (1,22m).
  • Skimmer : integrated.
  • Floor mat : integrated.
  • Tarpaulin protection : included, new for 2022.
  • Chemconnect : Diffuser supplied.
  • Liner : premium pool liner.
  • Assembly time : 180 minutes apart from the filling.

Guarantee : 2 YEARS

As a certified partner in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

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