The Waterpower Heat-Pump is very powerful, it will help you to heat the water in your swimming pool...

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Waterpower Heat-Pump

pompe à chaleur waterpower, pompe à chaleur steinbach

The functioning of the heat-pump :

  • The principle of work: the energy contained in the air is captured, then multiplied by thermodynamic effect and transferred to the swimming pool.
  • Economical: the heat-pump uses free air energy, only the compressor requires electricity. We speak of a coefficient of performance: COP = per 1 kw of electricity paid, the pump produces 5 kw of heating, that is all the heat-pump consumes. For example, an electric heater at a COP of 1, uses 1kw of electricity to produce 1kw of heating. (Caution: COPs vary according to air and water temperatures.)
  • Ecological: compared to heating systems using fossil fuels and their derivatives, the heat-pump does not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The heat-pump uses only free and natural air resources.

The advantages of Waterpower Heat-Pump :

  • Titanium Exchanger : It's compatible with any type of salt treatment.
  • Digital control screen : The data and functions are clearly transcribed on the digital display.

écran digital, écran de contrôle pompe à chaleur Waterpower

  • Ecological : It's having no impact on ozone due to its R410A refrigerant, 80% of the energy transferred into the swiming pool and it gets from the air. R410A refrigerant is a stable, low-toxic, non-flammable, chlorine-free and environment-friendly refrigerant mixture.

respect de l'environnement

  • Reversible heat-pump : the Waterpower heat-pump is capable to heat-up or cool-down the water in your swimming pool, due to its cooling function.
  • Connection : The Waterpower heat-pump is equipped with a screw/rotating connection of 50mm diameter.

connexion tuyaux, connexion diamètre 50, connexion côté, connexion pompe à chaleur waterpower

  • All-year-long usability : it's functional above -5 ° C.

Technical characteristics :

Model Waterpower 3500
Waterpower 5000
Waterpower 8500
Recommended pool's volume 20m3 30m3 55m3
Heating capacity 3,9 kW 5,1 kW 8,3 kW
Cooling capacity 2,7 kW 3,4 kW 5,8 kW
Power 220 V 220 V 220 V
Energy consumption
780 W 1050 W 1650 W
Energy efficiency 3 900 W 5000 W 8300 W
Sound power 47 dB(A) 48 dB(A 50 dB(A
Enter / Exit 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm
Recommended water flow 2,5m3/h 3m3/h 3m3/h
Exchanger Titanium Titanium Titanium
Dimensions 755 x 270 x 480 955 x 305 x 565 955 x 305 x 565
Weight 48kg 51kg 65kg

Installation :

installation, schéma pac                 The heat-pump can be installed almost anywhere. The air motion process must be followed and referred to the diagram above in order to obtain optimal performance.

Warranty : 2 years.


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