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HTH Set of Pool Winterizing Products will be ideal for wintering your pool...

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HTH Set of Pool Winterizing Products

Waterline Cleaner for Free.

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Pool size HTH Super Winterprotect HTH Stop-Calc
Limescale Remover
HTH Filterwash HTH Borkler gel
Up to 7 x 3 m 1 L 5 L  L 1 L
Up to 8 x 4 m 2 L 5 L 3 L 1 L
Up to 12 x 6 m 3 L 5 L 3 L 1 L

HTH Super Winterprotect - Pool Winterizing:hivernal hth

  • Non-foaming
  • High active ingredient content; phosphate-free
  • Makes it easier to reopen the pool in spring
  • When diluted, compatible with disinfectants and processing aids used in swimming pools.

HTH Stop-Calc Limescale Remover :anticalcaire hth

  • Prevents the formation of lime scale on swimming pool linings
  • Prevents the build up of metal deposits on swimming pool linings
  • Excellent solvent and washing power
  • Compatible with all filtration equipment
  • When diluted,compatible with disinfectants and processing aids used in swimming pools
  • Non-foaming at recommended swimming pool doses
  • Does not contain phosphates
  • Reduces scale deposits on swimming pool surfaces,facilitating pool cleaning.

HTH Filterwash - Filter Cleaner :filterwash hth

  • Technical cleaning product developed in close collaboration with filter and equipment manufacturers.
  • Very high active ingredient content.
  • Very effective against calcium deposits.
  • Excellent washing power.
  • Easy to use thanks to its purple colour.
  • Suitable for all types of conventional filtration except active-carbon filters (fish tanks, water potabilization, etc.)
  • Concentrated product has a long shelf life provided it is stored at a temperature of below 40 °C.

Borkler Gel (FREE) :

  • Technical cleaning product developed in close collaboration with waterproof swimming pool lining manufacturers:tiles,liners,polyester,etc.
  • Thick gel formula for maximum effectiveness and optimum adherence to vertical surfaces
  • Very high active ingredient content;excellent solvent and washing power
  • Low-foam product
  • Can be used on all types of swimming pool equipment
  • Works on its own with no abrasion required.Scrubbing is only necessary on thick build-ups of old deposits.
  • Double-action water line cleaner
  • Dissolves greasy deposits(sun creams)
  • Removes lime scaled deposits,restoring the shine to dull linings

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