Are you looking a luxury spa? Opt for the Lay-z-spa Maldives Bestway. It is full of many assets allowing you to enjoy better moments of relaxation. This model is the ideal equipment if you are looking for a spa with quality LED lighting. It is also distinguished by its efficient jets and bubbles massaging system as well as its comfortable seats.

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Lay-z-spa Maldives Bestway inflatable spa

spa gonflable Lay-z-spa Maldives Bestway

The Lay-z Maldives inflatable spa is supplied with all the complete accessories unlike other portable spas on the market. In addition to an over-equipped model, this Bestway product provides optimized user comfort. With a spacious swimming surface, it accommodates up to 5 to 7 people.

The bottom of the pool is provided with mattresses in the lying position and seats providing a comfortable seat. In this sense, an unparalleled moment of relaxation awaits you.

The 2021 version filtration unit benefits from the Freeze Shied system. This guarantees the protection of the filtration and the structure of the model against the cold. Its operation may seem simple. Once the water reaches a temperature below 6°C, the technology starts automatic heating. This will prevent freezing and any risk of damage to your spa. Thanks to this option, the Lay-z Spa Maldives can be used throughout the year to please everyone.

This complete spa appeals to many customers, thanks to its ease of assembly. Tis installation does not require any special tool. During its design, the brand deploys DuraPlus triple thickness technology ensuring its great resistance and prefect stability. Its walls do not deform and tolerate the est of time. This gives the Spa Maldives a long life.

The model is equipped with high quality LED lights illuminating the water with 7 different colors. They give it an aesthetic touch during night or late use.

lay z spa maldives Bestway

Using the digital panel, it becomes easier to intensify the heat of the spa water up to 40°C. In addition, this command allows you to configure the liquid temperature to suit you 40 days ahead.

Integrated equipment :

spa maldives bestway equipment

DuraPlus Structure :

Bestway uses DuraPlus technology when composing these inflatable spa.

Structure duraplus spa Bestway

This innovation ensures a perfect hold of the structure over time. And even if you handle the spa roughly while inflating or deflating, it remains intact. This material with three layers provides more rigidity and stability to the pelvis. With its sturdiness, you can sit on it without damaging the structure.

The seat and the two armchairs provide GREAT COMFORT at the Maldives Bestway Spa.

Hydrojet Pro technology :

The Lay-z-spa Maldives features Hydrojet Pro technology. In comparison with other innovations, this one turns out to be the most effective for deep relaxation during massages of an inflatable spa. It brings together the AirJet & HydroJet massage systems. In order to create a unique experience with de-stressing massages, 8 directional jets with adjustable flow or Hydrojet are associated with 180 air diffusers or Airjet. It is still quite possible to activate only one of its systems, either the bubbles or the Jets. You also have the option of activating both. The main things is to find the option that meets your expectations. You can configure the session to be more or less dense.

This Hydrojet Pro innovation has the advantage of producing hot air bubbles and not cooling your spa water during use.

Lay-z Maldives spa is renowned fir its ability to provide an absolute Balneotherapy experience worthy of a portable spa. Apart from the integrated Hydrojet Pro Technology, it ensures great comfort conferred by the seat and the inflatable chairs located at the bottom of the pool. For total relaxation and complete use, it also provides you with a new massage system for the feet.

Freeze Shield System :

Bestway adds the Freeze Shield option to this latest version of Spa Maldives. This technology constitutes a real shield against frost. It can be triggered automatically as soon as the indoor water temperature drops to 6°C. There is therefore no risk that the Maldives spa water will freeze. The system protects its components and structure during winter.

Thanks to the Freeze Shield technique, Bestway has been able to surpass its competitors. The brand offers an inflatable spa that can be operated for 12 months without interruption.

freeze shiedl

In constrast, similar products offered by other manufacturers are only used for 6 months. The Lay-z-Maldives can be used without problem in any season, whether in summer or in winter.

The Freeze Shield technology deployed by Bestway is a real asset for any user. You can enjoy spa sessions in the heart of winter, even during mountain holidays. After maneuvering the pool, you don't have to disassemble it right away.

New generation filter block :

The Lay-z-spa Maldives is equipped with a latest generation filter block! Compact and complete, it allows you to use it very easily. There are multiple options which are programmable using a digital control panel. Through it, you can easily set heating, bubble diffusion, filtration time, heating configuration up to 40 days in advance. This command also allows you to enjoy the anti-freeze function.

bloc de filtration

The panel offers a good grip with its tilting property. When you raise it, the filter block allows you to enjoy a double cup holder. This accessory is extremely practical for hydrating you on sunny summer days!

Comfort & Lights :

With its multiple benefits, the Lay-z-spa Maldives Bestway has nothing to be desired from a portable spa. It has a seat and two benches offering complete comfort. Its innumerable bubbles and jets on its perimeter provide you with relaxing massages right down to your toes. With the mixture of jets and bubbles, the Hydrojets system offers luxurious whirlpools. Depending on your desires; you can choose between a massage with jets or bubbles or also both.

Dimensions and main characteristics :

dimensions and main characteristics

Characteristics :

  • Model : Lay-Z-Spa Maldives.
  • Color : Brown.
  • Appearance : square.
  • People : 5-7 places.
  • Capacity : 1050 Liters.
  • Filled weight : 1118 kg.
  • Maximum temperature : 40°C.
  • Structure : DuraPlus.
  • Control panel : digital and swivels on the upper part of the technical unit.
  • Freeze Shield automatic heating prevents gelation of spa water. It allows you to use it even in the dead of winter.
  • Automatic timer : yes, automatic adjustment heating up to 40 days in advance.
  • HydroJet Pro system : 8 directional jets and 180 massage diffusers.
  • Complete control panel : supplied.
  • LED lighting : Yes, colorJet LED lights that alternate between 7 different colors.
  • ChemConnect diffuser : supplied, guarantees the distribution of disinfection products in the basin.
  • Cover : integrated , it attaches to the spa.

Warranty: 2 YEARS

As a Certified partner in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

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