The Lay-z-spa Helsinki Bestway is distinguished from other models by its very successful imitation wood coating. This appearance gives an authentic and warm note to your outdoor space. With the integrated anti-frost system, you can enjoy it all year round...

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Lay-Z-spa Helsinki Bestway inflatable spa

lay-z-spa Helsinki Bestway

If you are a fan of Nordic baths, the Lay-z Helsinki inflatable spa brings this experience back to you. Developed by Bestway, this model is made of triple-layer laminated PVC ensuring its stability and prolonging its lifespan. As for its walls, the part is made with the latest generation material called Drop Stitch. This ensures a high resistance to the structure. Its thin thickness allows it to be placed at the same level with the swimming surface. This Lay-z-spa Helsinki with a wood  pattern is recommended for 5 to 7 users.

The latest 2021 version of this spa is equipped with a Freeze Shied anti-Freeze Shield. Thanks to this technology, many people confuse it with 4-season spas. The Freeze Shied system allows automatic heating to be triggered once the water temperature drops below 6°C until it reaches 10°C. Therefore, yopu no longer have to worry about the risk of gel. Your spa cannot be so damaged by the effect of cold. But that't not all, this technology allows you to benefit from your spa all year round and everywhere.

During the acquisition, this Lay-z-Spa is accompanied by a filter unit containing a tilting digital panel. Thanks to the latter, you can more easily adjust the water temperature, filtration and Airjets. When this control panel is raised, it gives way to a double cup holder. This accessory is very practical for putting down your favorite drink during spa sessions. This allows you to quench your thirst while relaxing.

The Helsinki spa in 2021 includes a function allowing you to automatically adjust the water temperature in the spa up to 40 days in advance.

Équipment provided :

equipment provided

Drop Stitch walls :

The walls of the basin have a premium composition with a material that is both durable and resistant. There are thousands of fine threads that tie them together tightly. The side surfaces air seal keeping the spa inflated. Despite its lightness, this first-class material is able to withstand heavy weight. When deflated, it remains easy to carry.

Unlike the models on the market, the rigid walls of the Lay-Z-spa Helsinki offer space savings, particularly in terms of the swimming surface.

Airjet Technology :

The Lay-z-spa Helsinki is made with Airjet technology. Its operation may seem very simple. The jacuzzi is equipped with diffusers located around the edge. They will produce hot air in the water. This technology gives you the opportunity to enjoy a soothing bubble massage.

Freeze Shield System :

The new version of Spa Helsinki Bestway stands out from other inflatable jacuzzis on the market with its Freeze Shield system. This allows you to use your spa all year round even during the winter season. Its operation remains easily understood by all. This real frost shield automatically turns on the heating once the outside temperature drops. It prevents the heat of the water from decreasing below 6°C. And when the temperature rises to 10°C, it stops. With this new "Freeze Shield" technology developed by Bestway, the water circulates correctly. It prevents any damage to the equipment and structure of the Lay-Z-spa Helsinki.

freeze shiedl

Unlike models of a similar category manufactured by other brands, this product has the advantage of being usable in any season. Competitive items can only be used for 6 months in the year.

By enjoying this Freeze Shield technology developed by Bestway, do not hesitate to enjoy your spa sessions during the winter. Although you are spending your vacation in the mountains, you can still use your spa without having to deflate it all the time.

New generation filter block :

The Helsinki Lay-z-spa is equipped with a latest invention filter block! Both compact and overequipped, it allows you to use your spa more easily. There are many functions available which can be adjusted using this control panel, for example filtration time and bubble diffusion. The panel also allows you to schedule the heating 40 days in advance. Likewise, it helps you to lauch the antifreeze option for uninterrupted use.

bloc de filtration

The control panel is easily tilted providing a better grip while you are in the spa. When you lift it up, the filter block gives way to a cup holder. Very practical, it is used to receive your cold drink during hot summer days. You can quench your thrist at any time while enjoying your spa sessions.

Dimensions and main characteristics :

dimensions helsinki

Caractéristiques :

  • Modèle : Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki.
  • Colors : wood effect.
  • Form : round.
  • People : 5-7 places.
  • Capacity : 1123 Liters.
  • Filled weight : 1155 kg.
  • Maximum temperature : 40°C.
  • Filtration : cartridge filter (1 cartridge included).
  • Structure : Drop Stitch, solid wall, rigid and durable.
  • Control Panel : digital and which can pivot on top of the technical block.
  • Freeze Shield automatic heating prevents freezing problems with spa water. This technology guarantees that the jacuzzi can be used all year round, even in winter.
  • AirJet System : 180 bubble diffusers. Soft and pleasant massage.
  • Automatic timer : heating setting configurable 40 days in advance.
  • Complete control panel : integrated.
  • ChemConnect diffuser : supplied, allows distribution of disinfection products in the pool.
  • Spa cover : included, it attaches to the spa.
  • Hand inflator : integrated, ensures the inflation of you spa.
  • Cup holders: supplied, double cup holder under the digital control panel.

Warranty: 2 YEARS

As a Certified partner in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

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