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The Soft & Easy 20 is an active oxygen treatment in the form of a double bag of granules. It helps to disinfect your water and prevent against algae. It is suitable for swimming pools from 15 to 20m³...

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Soft & Easy 20

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Bayrol product is used for disinfection.

  • Soft & Easy 20 is a complete treatment with active oxygen in the form of a double sachet of granules. It contains all the active principles of disinfection, anti-algae and clarification and it allows to make three treatments in a single gesture.
  • It contains all the components for disinfection, algae control and water clarification.
  • Its enhanced algaecide formula allows it to act against a greater number of algae.
  • Soft & Easy 20 contains specific substances that stabilize pH: this is the buffering effect.
  • One pouch can treat 20m³ for one week.
  • The integrated hardness stabilizer is effective against calcareous precipitates.


Simple and gentle treatment with active oxygen:

This is an alternative instead of chlorine treatment; active oxygen is a method of water treatment that attracts pool owners by its softness, simplicity and efficiency. Bayrol has developed an innovation that brings more pleasure and comfortable swimming with the active oxygen method, developed in the early 80's.

  • One single gesture helps you swim in an odorless and tasteless water, pleasant as pure water.
  • The water is soft for your body, it does not dry out the skin, does not irritate the eyes and the hair is no longer brittle.
  • This treatment saves money on installation. It is free of heavy metals, it prevents corrosion of the metal parts and any risk of stain on the coating of your swimming pool.

All of Bayrol's active oxygen treatment methods are based on the combination of two mutually reinforcing active ingredients.

Component 1 : The active oxygen to disinfect the water of the pool and oxidize the organic impurities.

Component 2 : The activator to prevent the development of algae and reinforce the action of the disinfectant.

Soft & Easy: 1 sachet, 1 single gesture, 1 week without worries...!

The largest compartment in the sachet contains active oxygen, the other contains components for algae control, water clarification and pH stabilization. The double bag ensures the treatment of 30m³ which makes it ideal for small and large pools.soft easy, traitement chimique, bayrol, sans chlore

Soft & Easy is chlorine-free but it is compatible with chlorine treatment.

You can easily treat your swimming pool with chlorine during holidays or low-swimming-activity period. All you have to do is restart the active oxygen treatment as soon as you return from a trip and enjoy your swimming activity again. Similarly, the presence of very cloudy or extremely impure water, or in case of repeated problems, you only have to perform a shock chlorination or a bayroshock in the evening after swimming, it will instantaneously eliminate the organic load and the next morning, the traces of chlorine will disappear. Conversely, switching from a chlorine treatment to active oxygen is also possible at any time, the draining of the pool is not necessary.


  • Recommended dosage: 1 double bag for 20m³.
  • Place of product dosage: directly into the pool.
  • Type of filter: all except diatom filters.
  • Dimensions of the pool: starting from 15m³.
  • Dosing frequency: weekly.
  • Conditioning: 1 kit "Soft & Easy 20" contains 16 sachets.

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