poolbikingThe Barcelona's manufacturer "Poolbiking" makes equipment for aquatic fitness. Innovation, quality and commitment are their driving forces. The "ONE" aquabike has been chosen by many customers to work on cardio and fight against obesity...

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Poolbiking "ONE" Aquabike

poolbiking, aquabike One

Design, comfort and performance made in Barcelona. The Poolbiking "ONE" aquabike will seduce you with its clean design, ease of use, and the quality of its variable resistance system without adjustment. The "ONE" model has been designed to offer a high quality cardio training for individuals. It allows to work the thighs, glutes, improve the heartbeat.

Quality Zoom:

All manufacturers state that their aquabikes are made of stainless steel AISI 316L quality which is very suitable but what determines the quality of the steel is not the material itself but the quality in the welding and electrolytic processes.

Only Poolbike certifies this quality by meeting the required and mandatory standards for the steel intended for surgery, laboratories and aerospace industry.


  • Pedaling: equipped with a resistance system without adjustment (F.P.R), allowing the resistance to increase gradually according to the pedaling speed. You will never pedal in a vacuum due to this system.

système de pédalage à vitesse réglable

  • Crankset: high performance on bearing parts. Waterproof and designed for intensive use.
  • Pedals: rubber and EVA antibacterial foam, its anatomical pedal to be used barefoot. Fits all sizes.pédale aquabike one
  • Bike saddle: comfortable and adapted to physical parameters of users (overweight women or men).
  • Central design: the center-upper part of the aquabike is open to allow people with disabilities to get on and off easily.
  • Settings: the "ONE" model has an adjustable closure that allows the height of the bike to be adjusted to compensate for the height of the user relative to the depth of the pool. The adjustable central structure adapts to users. The saddle and the handlebar of the bike are adjusted in height.

réglages poolbiking

  • Platform: The "ONE" aquabike adapts to all coatings due to the synthetic rubber located under the platform of the aquabike.


dimensions poolbike one


  • Model: Poolbiking "ONE".
  • Intended use: Fitness and training. Aquabike for individuals.
  • Material: High quality AISI 316L steel with post-assembly corrosion protection treatment according to international standards.
  • Central Design: Open to accommodate users with reduced mobility.
  • Pedals: Made of rubber and EVA antibacterial foam. Its anatomical pedal to be used barefoot and adapts to any size of foot. Made in France.
  • Saddle: Aquatic anatomical (adapts to overweight people).
  • Platform: synthetic rubber giving a great stability of the feet, providing protection of the swimming pool coating.
  • Settings: Saddle and handlebars that adjust in height.
  • Type of water: Suitable for thermal waters, sea water and chlorinated water.
  • Maintenance: take it out and rinse the bike with clear water every day and every 2 days in salt water, in chlorinated water.
  • Weldings: hand-made by an expert.
  • Depth of a pool: 1.10m to 1.50m.
  • Net weight: 19kg.

Durability and Warranty:

  • Durability: made in compliance with international standards, the Poolbiking "ONE" aquabike has long-lasting life of up to 10 years, while other aquabikes of doubtful origin (ex. China) will have a life divided by two. Aquabiking products are made according to the latest technologies such as CNC mechanization, TIG welding, electrolytic treatment to protect the aquabike, total construction in AISI 316L and AISI 316Ti stainless steel.

normes internationales respectées par poolbiking

  • Manufacturing: 15 years of experience in the sector as a manufacturer of stainless steel products for swimming pools, it guarantees the quality of Poolbiking products. The collaboration with a team of sports doctors endorses the biomechanics of the "ONE" aquabike. All products offered by Poolbiking are designed and manufactured in Barcelona.

Aquabike dessiné et fabriqué à Barcelone

  • Warranty: the metal structure is under 3-years warranty and the wear parts are under 6-months warranty (saddle, foaming cover, footstraps, suction cups...)


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