Kokido Manga X is a new autonimous and completely cordless robot. Operating with a Lithium battery, it is designed for cleaning the bottom of the basin measuringup to Ø 7,3 m. This robot is very easy to use and adapts to all types of formats and pool coverings.

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Manga X wireless robot - Kokido brand

kokido manga x

For cleaning your pool, we offer this Manga X wireless robot Kokido. Its Lithium battery gives it up to 90 minutes of autonomy in normal mode. Equipped with a large suction mouth, the robot eliminates all the impurities accumulated at the bottom of the basin. It then concentrates them in the Mesh filter. The compactness and light weight oof the device make it its greatest assets for effortless cleaning of your pool.

How to use :

  • Connect the float hook and the swivel head handle.
  • Activate the device by pressing ON. The signal is on to indicate that it is on.
  • Immerse it in the basin full of water to carry out the cleaning.
  • At the end of the process, the robot must be taken out of the water using the float and the pulling rope.
  • The appliance stops automatically when it is removed from the water.
  • Take a few minutes to drain the water.
  • Deactivate the device by pressing OFF.

Its wireless design and its On-Off function offer you the advantage of not cluttering up the space around the swimming pool and of sparing you the problems related to the control, the cable, the control panel, the transformer, ...

Stop & Go function :

  • The robot is equipped with a 180° rotating head for easy transport.

Its intuitive directional device allows it to avoid obstacles in the pool.

kokido manga x

A robot cleaner for wich swimming pools ?

  • It is suitable for pools up to 7,3 m in diameter.
  • Swimming pools with a flat bottom or a slightly inclined bottom (up to 10°)
  • Formats basin : square, rectangular and round.
  • Types of coatings : painted concrete, liner, tiles, polyester, shell and mosaic.

Technical specificities :

  • Battery Type : Rechargeable lithium.
  • Maximum autonomy : 90 minutes.
  • Charging time : 4 to 5 hours.
  • Filter type : Mesh filter screen.
  • Access to the filter : in the upper part.
  • Filtration quantity : 4 L.
  • Presence of water sensor : Yes. This item is useful for activating the robot when submerged in water.
  • Presence of Stop & Go rotating head.
  • Cable : included, to charge the robot battery.
  • Float : included, to tow the robot outside the pool.
  • Hook : included, to connect the V-clip system and the standard telescopic handle.
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