The Telsa 5 is a battery-operated vacuum that can clean a small soft-sided pool (up to Ø3,66.)

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Kokido TELSA 5 Battery vacuum cleaner

aspirateur à batterie telsa 5

The Telsa 5 Kokido battery vacuum cleaner is very easy to use. Just immerse the vacuum cleaner body in water and it will start working automatically. With the Telsa 5 you can simply vacuum sand, gravel, dust and other debris from your pool.

The Telsa 5 is powerred by a 30-minute battery life. Debris is sucked up and transferred to the filter bag, which holds 0,42 liters. It is important to remember to empty it after each use.

The Telsa 5 kokido vacuum cleaner is ideal for freestanding swimming pools or spas with a maximum size of Ø 3,66.

Components :

contenu du telsa 5 kokido

  • a teescopic handle with a lengtth of 1m70 and a total of 5 pieces.
  • a filter bag with a capacity of 0,42 L.
  • a charging cable
  • a standard telescopic handle connector
  • a swiveling triangular tip on wheels
  • a fine tip with a brush
  • a totally robust body.

Characteristics :

  • The capacity of the filter is 0,42 L.
  • Flow rate : 25 liters per minute
  • Battery life : 30 minutes
  • Charging time : 4-5 hours.
  • A vacuum that works independently of filtration.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Its two brush tips ensure high quality cleaning.
  • Ideal for cleaning a freestanding spa or pool.

2 Years warranty

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