Your pool will still be clean and dirt-free thanks to the Voltera 105 kokido vacuum cleaner. Its innovative dual filtration technology will come in handy because it can swiftly take up both tiny and big debris...

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Battery-powered VOLTERA 105 vacuum cleaner with patented dual filtration system


mCleanup any pool or stairs is a breeze with the Voltera 105 vacuum cleaner. It comes with a detachable broom head and may be used to clean anything. It's easy to control, with both a telescopic handle (not supplied) as well as a Lithium battery that lasts upp to 75 minutes.

TThe innovative vacuum cleaner :

TThe patented  double filtration system of the Kokido Voltera 105 battery-powered vacuum cleaner allows even small debris to be retained (dust, sand etc ...)

TThe brush head collects dirt, while the filter bag positioned above the Voltera 105's body collects larger debris. This 250 micron filter bag can trap the biggest debris, such as leaves and insects. A 75 micron filter bag is included with the Voltera 105 battery-powered vacuum cleaner. The large and medium debris will be retained in this one.

Smaller debris will be thrown to the top of the filter bag, which has a filter cartridge. Fine particles, like dirt, sand, or dust, will be easily retained by this 50 micron cartridge.


Its Advantages :

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery : Aspirator with a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts 75 minutes at maximum power.
  • Connection :  The Voltera 105 vacuum cleaner does not requirre a connection to operate properly.
  • Simple ti use : adapts to any pool size. It has a telescoping handle on it (not included).
  • Self-contained : once charged, it has a working autonomy of 75 minutes. For a complete charge, allow 5-6 hours.
  • Movement : It can be moved on above-ground pools with liner, painted concrete, tiles, shells, and more, thanks to its multidirectional wheels.
  • Which pools can it be used in? It can be used in pools with a minimum water height of 46 cm and a maximum water height of 3 m.
  • Suction Head : This suction head is quite broad and has two detachable extensions that may be added and withdrawn depending on how narrow the regions to be cleaned are.
  • Filter bags : This vacuum cleaner comes with two filter bags. A fine large capacity bag (big debris, 250 microns) and a normal large capacity bag (medium debris, 75 microns). The bag of choice is attached to the top of the vacuum cleaner's body and secured using a cord.
  • Filter cartridge : Filter cartridge (fine debris, 50 microns) that permits dust, dirt or sand to be recovered.

Equipment included :

  • A body.
  • A wheeled broom head.
  • 1 brush to cli on the broom head.
  • An adapter that allows a standard telescopic handle to be connected.
  • A charging cable for the battery.
  • A lithium battery.
  • 250 micron large debris filter bag
  • 75 micron medium debris filter bag
  • 50 micron fine debris filter

Technical Features :

  • The revolutionary dual filtration system technology allows for both standard and fine cleaning in one vacuum cleaner.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Time to charge : 5-6 hours
  • Working time : 75 minutes.
  • 250 micron filter bag.
  • 75 micron filter bag.
  • 50 micron cartridge filters.
  • 2 filter bags with a big capacity.
  • When the device is withdrawn from the water, an automated on/off water sensor switches it off.
  • Excellent vacuum cleaner for stair cleaning, medium and big pools.
  • Works with any telescopic handle that is standard 

Warranty : 2 years

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