The "Right to Information "

The use of the personal data by C-Piscine is completely accessible by the owner of these data, benefiting in parallel of all the rights placed at his disposal and the means allowing him to apply them. C-Piscine allows itself to use this data through its privacy policy, its cookies charter, its legal notices and its personal rights control page.

The " Right of opposition"

The right of opposition gives you the possibility to contest the use of one or all parts of the data for a defined purpose. To certify the refusal, it is important to explain "the reasons for the particular refusal". In return, we may object to the challenge request if :

- There are legitimate and compelling reasons why we must use the data

- There is a legal obligation for us to use your data

- You approved it. And in this case, we're not going to challenge you, but rather ask you to rescind your approval.

To apply this right, see the "Exercising a Right" section at the bottom of the article.

The "Right of rectification"

Through the right of rectification, you can ask us to correct incomplete or incorrect details of your personal data. This option will help us to dispense with or use accurate details about you. In this case, it is essential that you provide us with true information about your identity by means of a photocopy or scan of your valid identity. You can find more information about this right in the paragraph "Exercising a right" at the end of this article.

The "Right of erasure"

As the owner of the data, you have full rights to request the change or even erasure of the contents. However, we would like to point out that the data erasure will only be considered if :

- They are used for commercial purposes. - The purpose and use of the data are no longer of the same interest.

- The consent you offered for the use of the data has been revoked.

- Illegal use has been established against your personal data: hacking, unlawful publication, etc.

- A legal obligation has been imposed and requires the erasure of the data.

- You have not offered your consent to the use of your data and your request has not been taken into account by the person responsible.

If you wish to exercise this right, you will find full details in the chapter "Exercising a right".

The "Right of portability"

The right to portability consists of permanently removing the data for private purposes, or transferring it to a third party of your preference.

The chapter "Exercising a right" allows you to use this right if necessary.

The "Right related to profiling" is another type of right which consists in processing your data to monitor and discover your reaction in particular. Profiling in connection with our activities may be carried out so that we can correctly determine the recipients of our newsletters. You can withdraw your consent to the processing of your data in case you do not wish to be profiled. If profiling suits you, you can:

- request the conditions and factors for the creation of the newsletter

- refute profiling and give your opinion on it.

To apply this right, see the "Exercising a Right" section at the bottom of the page.

The "Right to data limitation"

The right to limitation of data goes hand in hand with other rights such as the right of correction or opposition. After your consent or objection to the processing and use of your data, the law gives us the right to examine the accuracy of your data and to investigate the reason for your refusal within a specified period of time. During this period, you can ask us to suspend the processing of your data. In reality, we will no longer process these data but we will keep them in our files.

In the opposite case, if we proceed to the deletion of the data, the owner can request the numerus clausus of the data processing. This option will be advantageous if you wish to reuse them to apply a right.

You can exercise this right by referring to the chapter "Exercising a right".

Enforcing your rights

To exercise or not exercise all the rights we have just mentioned, we invite you to contact C-piscine's customer service by writing to mail ou by sending a postal letter to the address International Pools, 5 Rue du Château, L-3364 LEUDELANGE Luxembourg. The reason for your letter must imperatively be mentioned on the e-mail or letter.