Created 30 years ago, is a group of pool enthusiasts who have acquired a certain competence in this field. Our team aims to become a true leader on the European market thanks to innovative techniques developed within the company. Headquartered in Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe, we want to get closer to our potential customers.

Its asset?

Collaborate exclusively with professionals and the various labels highly qualified and installed throughout Europe. This sacred partnership aims to facilitate the distribution of your orders for a more secure delivery and in compliance with the indicated deadlines.

His ambition?

Commit to providing real cultural value to this profession so that it can meet the needs of clients wherever they may be on the continent. For, making you happy is our main objective!

His approach?

A qualified customer service made up of multilingual call centre agents. This attentive team will try to meet all you expectations and requests.

Finally, sees itself as a very ambitious sales site, eager to offer a unique and professional experience to its customers. The company will support you trhoughout the process: from advice to product delivery!

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