If you are looking for a small pool robot with a compact shape, opt for the Zodiac CNX 20 robot. Compliant with 10 x 5 m pools, it offers 2 different cleaning programs.

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Zodiac CNX20 Pool Cleaner

robot Zodiac CNX20

The Zodiac CNX 20 pool robot offers autonomous pool cleaning. The device does not require any connection to the filtration system. With built-in artificial intelligence, it is adept at avoiding obstacles. Fast, it maintains a pool of 10 x 5 m in a record time. The model presents a cyclonic suction patented. To this end, its suction power remains the same throughout the cleaning cycle. It differs from other examples by its ingenious design. This facilitates the evacuation of water for a weakened weight until it comes out of the water. Even better, this finish allows it to have easy access to the filter from above accentuating its practical side. The robot has a spacious suction mouth of 23 cm. Thanks to the latter, the cleaning is very effective because the device can collect and store large debris in its 4L filter.

Benefits :

zodiac cnx 20Cyclonic suction, for high performance !

Using the cyclonic suction, the CNX 20 pool robot benefits from a powerful suction during the cycle of cleaning, as opposed to a lamda electric robot. This patented technology allows the vacuumed waste to be retained until the end of the cleaning cycle. As a result, the CNX 2

 Robot enjoys the same suction power from start to finish. Its effectiveness is at the rendezvous during its cleaning cycle. However, a classic robot has a suction that reduces during the cycle since the captured debris will cloq the filter. As a result, her cleaning job turns out to be disappointing.

Ingenious design ensuring perfect cleaning

robot zodiac cnx 20The Zodiac CNX20 robot is equipped with helix brushes or bristle brushes that efficiently suck up waste in the pool. His suction mouth seems quite wide facilitating the collection of small and large debris. As for its 4L filter, this one is distinguished by the quality of its filtration of 100 microns. It him retains even the finest dirt throughout the cleaning cycle. As soon as the filter is full, you can access it from above.

Agility :

The CNX 20 Zodiac robot is equipped with smart sensors. This simplifies access in all corners of the pool, regardless of its bottom (gentle slope, flat, etc.), its shape (oval, round,bean, rectangulat, etc.) or its coating (polyester, liner, tiles, etc.)...) It is able to clean the walls, the bottom and the water line in-ground pools as well as above-ground pools with sturdy walls up to 10x5m.

Comfort in use :

The Zodiac CNX 20 robot stands out for its lightness, weighing only 8 kg when empty. After the maintenance cycle, it can quickly of water, which limits your effort and time. It is provided with a transparent window on the top helping you to observe outside if the filter is filled o not. The filter is accessible from the top, simplifying daily use.

For wich pools :

structure piscine Types of pool : sturdy walled above ground pools and in ground pools.

taille piscine Maximum dimensions : pool up to 10 x 5 m.

forme piscine Types of shape : all configurations.

fond revêtement piscine Types of bottom and coating : All types of bottom (flat, diamond point, compound slope, gentle slope) and coating (reinforced PVC, liner, polyester shell, painted concrete, tiles).

nettoyage piscine Cleaning : Cleans the walls, the bottom and the water liner.

Equipment :

control box  Control box

filter tank 100 micron 100 micron filter tank

base designed for the control box Base designed for the control box

Technical characteristics :

  • Pool dimensions : up to 10 x 5m.
  • Coating type : all coatings.
  • Pool shape : all shapes.
  • Brushes : pins.
  • Cleaning cycles : 2 rounds. 1 cycle for the bottom only and 1 other cycle for the bottom, the walls and the water line.
  • Duration of the cycle : Bottom : 1h30 / Bottom, water line and walls : 2h30.
  • Filter capacity : 4L.
  • fineness of filtration  filter tank : 100 microns.
  • Filter : 1 filter box.
  • Suction mounth width : 23 cm.
  • Cable length : 15m.
  • Traction system : tracks.
  • Transmission : gears.
  • Control box : not connected to filtration.
  • Safety : out of water safety, beach system, better electronic engine protection.
  • Robot weight : 8 kg.
  • Size : 43x40x30 cm.
  • Number of motors : 3.

Manufacturer's warranty : 2 years.

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Garantie Fabriquant Zodiac

Garantie Fabriquant Zodiac

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