The Zodiac CNX 30 IQ robot suitable for cleaning a swimming pool up to 12 x 6 m. It is a connected electric robot that can be controlled by means of a mobile phone...

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Zodiac CNX 30 IQ Wifi pool cleaner

arobot zodiac CNX 30 IQ Wifi

The Zodiac CNX 30 IQ pool robot is designed to clean a 12 x 6 m swimming pool. Thanks to the included artificial intelligence, it is able to avoid obstacles. Even better, it takes care of all the places that really need cleaning. This 30 IQ Wifi version has a double-level filter tray. To this end, all debris, including tthe finest, can ba retained in the filter. She presents a cyclonic suction patented which allows it to keep the same suction power throughout the cleaning cycle. Thanks to its enormous 23 cm suction mouth and its spiral cleaning brushes, it is remarkably effective. With a hatch on the upper part, its double filter tank can be emptied easily for more practicality. Using your mobile phone, you can start, monitor progress or stop the robot while on the go.

Benefits :

zodiac CNX 30 IQ Wifi

Remarkable suction power !

Cyclonic suction offers the possibility for the CNX 30 IQ pool robot to have a powerful suction throughout its maintenance cycle. By taking advantage of this patented technology, the dirrt sucked up is kept in suspension, but it does not risk clogging the filter during the cleaning cycle. Thanks to this performance, the suction power is identical from the first to the last minute of cleaning. For a cheap robot, its suction is reduced over the maintenace cycle since the waste tends to clog the filter. In this sense, it remains less effective than a robot enjoying cyclonic suction.

Inventive design

Its helix brushes or bristle brushes effectively collect all the dirt present in the pool. The robot equips itself with a wide suction mouth allowing it to pick up all debris, no matter how small. Its double-level filter tank has an evolutionary filtration. By means of a filtration fineness of 150 microns, the sucked waste will be kept in the 1st filter. As for tthe finest, these will be released and then they will be absorbed and locked in the 4L filter pan. As soon as the filter is filled, you can empty it easily since the access is located just on the top of the robot.

zodiac CNX 30 IQ Wifi

Agility :

The Zodiac CNX 30 IQ robot is accompanied by intelligent sensors. He is in this case able ti treat all corners of the pool, regardless of its coating (liner, polyester, tiles, etc.), its bottom (flat or gently sloping) or its shape (bean, round, oval, rectangular, etc.). It has the ability to effectively clean the walls, the bottom and the waterline in-ground pools as well as above-grounf pools with sturdy surfaces up to 12 x 6 m.

Comfort in use :

The Zodiac CNX 30 IQ robot stands out for its lightness, weighing 8 kg when empty. After it finishes cleaning, it can drain its water in a short time reducing your effort. Its backlit filter is accessible at the top of the robot. Thanks to the built-in transparent window, it is easy for you to observe the starus of the filter. All these elements guarantee optimal comfort of use.

A connected robot :

With the app IAQUALINK available on App store and Google Play, you can start or stop the robot if it is in your pool. This application also allows you to control the progress of the device during the cleaning cycle.

For which pools :

Pool versions Pool versions : above -ground pools with rigid walls and in-ground pools.

size pools Maximum size : pool up to 12 x 6 m.

Available shapes Available shapes : all shapes.

Types of coating and bottom Types of coating and bottom : All types of bottom (compound slope, flat, diamond point and gentle slope) and coating (liner, painted concrete, reinforced PVC, tiles, polyester shell).

Cleaning Cleaning : Maintains the bottom, the walls and the water line.

Equipment :

control box zodiac CNX 30 IQ Wifi Control box

filter Zodiac CNX 30 IQ Wifi 60 micron and 150 micron double level filter pan

Base for the control bos Zodiac CNX 30 IQ Wifi Base adapted to the control box

Technical characteristics :

  • Pool dimensions : max up to 12 x 6 m.
  • Coating type : all coatings.
  • Pool shape : all possible configurations
  • Brushes : pins.
  • Wifi function : yes, using a phone, you can start, stop and check its cleaning cycle.
  • Cleaning cycles : 2 rounds. 1 cycle for the bottom only and 1 cycle for the bottom/walls and water line.
  • Duration of the cycle : Bottom : 1h30 / Bottom, walls and water line : 2h30.
  • Filter capacity : 4L.
  • Fineness of filtration double level filter tank : 60 microns and 150 microns.
  • Filter : double level filter tank.
  • Suction mouth width : 23 cm.
  • Cable length : 18 m.
  • Traction system : tracks.
  • Transmission : gears.
  • Control box : Separated from the filtration.
  • Safety : out of water safety, beach system, electronic engine protection.
  • Robot weight : 8 kg.
  • Size : 43x40x30 cm.
  • Number of motors : 3.
  • Trolley : not integrated.

Manufacturer's warranty : 2 years.

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