The  Zodiac CNX 40 IQ robot is used to clean swimming pools up to 12 x 6 m. With your mobile phone, you can easily control this vacuum cleaner.

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Zodiac CNX 40 IQ pool robot

The Zodiac CNX 40 IQ robot is used to clean swimming pools up to 12 x 6 m. With your mobile phone, you can easily control this vacuum cleaner.

zodiac CNX 40IQThe Zodiac CNX 40 IQ pool cleaner ensures the cleaning of a swimming pool of 12 x 6 m. Equipped with artificial intelligence, it maintains all soiled areas. It has a double-level filter tank. In this sense, all debris including the smallest will be trapped in the filter. The model offers a cyclonic suction patented. This is why he has an identical suction power from the beginning to the end of his work. Its helix cleaning brushes as well as its 23 cm suctiion mouth optimize its efficiency during cleaning sessions. With an integrated hatch on the top, its double filter tank is easily emptied. The 40 IQ Wifi version offers you the opportunity to start, stop, examine the progress of the robot, adjust the duration of the cleaning cycle and engage the Lift System technology using your mobile phone remotely.

Benefits :

robot zodiac CNX 40 IQ

Competitive suction power !

Thanks to the cyclonic suction, the CNX 40 IQ swimming pool robot enjoys a powerful suction during its cleaning cycle. This patented technology allows all vacuumed waste to be kept in suspension. It also prevents clogging of the filter during the cleaning cycle. Thanks to this success, the suction power is identical from the first to the last minute of the cycle. On the other hand, a classic robot has a slow aspiration over the maintenance session, because the dirt clogs the filter. Compared to a model with cyclonic suction, it remains less effective.

Better Design

Its spiral brushes or bristle brushes manage to effectively capture debris in the pool. The robot is distinguished by its wide suction mouth which catches both small and larges fragments. Its double-level filter tank has progressive filtration. The sucked waste is retained in the filter with a filtration fineness of 150 microns. For the finest, these are released and then kept in a scond filter equipped  with a filtration fineness of 60 microns. By means of this process, all dirt is easily sucked up and captured in the 4 L filter box. The CNX 40 robot has a backlit filter which is easily accessible on its upper part. Also, it has a transparent window helping you to control the state of the filter.

zodiac robot CNX 40 IQ Wifi

Agility :

With the built-in smart sensors, the CNX 40 IQ Zodiac robot maintains all corners of the pool, whatever its shape (round, rectangular oval, bean, etc.), its coating (polyester, liner, tiles, etc.) and its bottom (flat, gentle slope, etc.). It is the ideal equipment to clean the bottom, the walls as well as the water line buried swimming pools. Also, it maintains above ground pools with solid walls up to 12 x 6 m.

Lift System : an option guaranteeing ease of use :

The Zodiac CNX 40 IQ robot shines for its lightness. It weighs only 8 kg empty. After is cleaning cycle, consider activating the Lift System mode to reduce your effort. Thanks to this feature, the robot positions itself in line with the water on the wall and expels the water so that it is light when leaving the water. The lift system is a patented technology available to any user!

A connected robot :

With the app IAQUALINK accessible on Google Play and App store, your phone can play the role of a remote control ! With this mobile device, you can initiate, review progress or end the cleaning cycle remotely. Mikewise, you have the opporttunity to regulate the duration of the cycle by means of your telephone and to activate the output of your robot via the option Lift System.

For which pools :

Pool categories Pool Categories : above-ground pools with rigid surfaces and in-ground pools

Size pool Maximum size : pool up to 12 x 6 m.

available shapes Available shapes : all possible configurations.

types pf coating and bottom Types of coating and bottom : All types of bottom such as flat, diamond point, gentle slope, compound slope and all types of coating namely painted concrete, liner, polyester shell, reinforced PVC and tiles.

Cleaning Cleaning : Ensures the cleaning of the bottom, the walls and the water line.

Equipment :

control box CNX 40 IQ Control box

filter CNX 40 IQ 150 Micron and 60 micron double level filter pan

Zodiac CNX 40 IQ CART Cart

Technical characteristics :

  • Pool size : maximum dimensions up to 12 x 6 m.
  • Coating type : all coatings.
  • Pool shape : all shapes.
  • Brushes : pins.
  • Trolley : integrated.
  • Cleaning cycles : 2 rounds. 1 cycle for the bottom only and 1 other cycle for the bottom, the walls and the water line.
  • Cycle time : Bottom : 1h30 8 Bottom, walls and water line : 2h30.
  • Filter capacity : 4 L.
  • Fineness of filtration double level filter tank : 60 microns and 150 microns.
  • Filter : double level filter tank.
  • Suction mouth width : 23 cm.
  • Cable length : 18 m.
  • Traction system : tracks.
  • Transmission : gears.
  • Control box : separated from the filtration.
  • Safety : electronic engine protection, beach system, out of water safety.
  • Robot weight : 8 kg.
  • Size : 43x40x30 cm.
  • Number of motors : 3.

Manufacturer's warranty : 2+1 years*

*+1 year offered, but subject to pairing your robot with the iAqualink application. For more information, see the terms and conditions in the warranty booklet.

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