Are you looking for cleaning equipment for 12 x 6 m swimming pools? The Zodiac Vortex OV3505 pool robot will suit you perfectly. It not cleans the bottom, but also the walls and the waterline, thanks to its 6 cleaning cycles. These are accessible via a remote control or a control box....

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Zodiac Vortex OV3505 pool robot

vortex OV 3505 Zodiac

The Zodiac Vortex OV3505 pool cleaner offers autonomous cleaning of the pool without having to connect it to the filtration mechanism. Zodiac accompanies the Vortex OV3505 with an artificial intelligence that allows it to have access to all corners of the pool, but also to reach the walls and the water line. As for its cyclonic suction, this technology guarantees it a more efficient suction up ti 30% compared to a conventional robot. The Vortex OV3505 robot is also distinguished by its wide suction mouth and its filter with a large capacity of 5L. Thanks to this ingenious finish, the waste in the pool will be efficiently sucked up and stored. Even better, the robot has a transport trolley optimizing its practicality.

Cyclonic suction : combining consistency and power !

The patented cyclonic suction system is able to produce a whirlpool in the fiilter, which allows the residues to be suspended. This mechanism avoids clogging of the filter. that's not all, the suction power remains the same during the cleaning cycle. The cleaning performance will therefore be impressive !


Greay suction capacity and ease of use :

Unlike othe equipment in the same category, the Zodiac Vortex OV3505 robot shines for its enormous suction mouth. It also has a large capacity filter (5L) allowing it to suck up and store debris, including the largest ones. It gives you access to the filter from above, guaranteeing day-to-day comfort. Thanks to all these features, the Vortex OV3505 is one of the most popular models among users.

For which pools :

  • above-ground pools Above-ground pools with rigid walls and in-ground pools
  • all types of bottoms All types of bottoms (excluding safety steps) and all liner coverings, polyester shell, reinforced PV, painted concrete and tiling.
  • size of pool Size up to 12 x 6 m.
  • bottom walls Bottom walls and water line maintenance

Standard equipment :

  • sensory remote OV3505 Sensory remote control equipped with motion sensors to control your robot.
  • control box OV3505 Control box to initiate a cleaning cycle as desired.
  • Tires suitable for pool Tires suitable for pool models with tiling.
  • huge capacity filter Huge capacity filter tank (5L) and 100 micron filtration fineness.
  • transport cart Transport cart for easy storage.

Technical characteristics :

  • Pool size : 12 x 6 m.
  • Cleaning cycle : 6 cycles.
  • Cleaning with the cycle : Bottom only 1h, 1h30 or 2h / Bottom, wall and water line 2h, 2h30 or 3h.
  • Cable length : 18 m.
  • Suction technology : Cyclonic suction.
  • Strong suction capacity with a cleaned width of 24.5 cm.
  • Large capacity filter tank (5L).
  • Fineness of the filter tank : 100 microns.
  • Traction system : 2 wheel drive.
  • Configurable via remote control : Yes.
  • Transmission : gears.
  • Robot weight : 9.5 kg.
  • Safeties : electronic engine protection, beach system, out of water safety.
  • Robot size : 43 x 48 x 27 cm.

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