The Gré Mini heat  pump Iis specially designed to heat the water of a wooden swimming pool or an above ground swimming pool. It is not only compact, but also easy to plug in. The bypass kit is not necessarily mandatory. This heating system makes it possible to heat a pool of 30 m3 throughout the summer ...

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Gré Mini heat pump

gré Mini heat pump

The Gré Mini heat pump is used to heat above-ground pools of 30 m3 depending on the model chosen. Energy-efficient, it is able to heat water with limited electricity consumption ! In comparison with an electric heater, it is energy expenditure can be lower. Silent and small in size, the Gré Mini heat pump will heat the water in your swimming pool in order to extend the swimming season.

Plug & Play system : The by-pass kit is optional !

When a heat pump has a "Plug&Play" system, the by-pass kit is no longer mandatory. The assembly of the Gré Mini heating is done in a few minutes. You only have to connect the heat pump after the filtration system and before the discharge nozzle using ø32 or ø38 pipes. Once the connection is made, all you have to do is connect the heat pump to the electrical source so that it begins to work.

For which swimming pools ?

  • Pool volume : 20 m3 for the Mini 2.5 version and 30 m3 for the 4.2 model.
  • Pool structure : Steel pool, tubular above-ground pool, composite pool or wooden pool.
  • Minimum desired filtration power : 2 m3/h.
  • ATTENTION, The  recommended pool volume is only provided as an indication for a period from May to September in the southern part of France. It is advisable to consult the paragraph "sizing the heat pump" in order to find the right one.!

Sizing of the heat pump :

The sizing of a heat pump is of the utmost importance in order to be able to enjoy all its advantages :

  • efficient heating.
  • fairly low power consumption.
  • better longevity.
  • silent operation.

On the other hand, when the power of the heat pump turns out to be quite low, this can lead to negative effects :

  • heating that is both long and inefficient.
  • high power consumption.
  • a limited lifespan.

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The table below can serve as a guide in selecting the ideal power according to the volume of your pool and your region. These calculations take into account the existence of a bubble cover on the pool water surface, especially at night. Without cover, the power of the heat pump must be duplicated thanks to the heat losses to be expected.

gré Mini heat pump

Main Features :

  • Heat pump operating with a minimum temperature of 12°C.
  • Gas used : R32 refrigerant gas. Ensures a 75% reduction in CO2 production compared to R410 gas.
  • Heat pump body : Metal.
  • Heat pump cover : ABS.
  • Temperature settings : Digital.
  • Connection of the heat pump : Connection at the front of the pump with a double inlet diameter 32 and 38 mm.
  • Power supply : Single phase.
  • Supplied with power socket and 30mA protection.

Technical characteristics :

2 years warranty

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