The Zodiac HPO heat pump is suitable for cooling and heating your pool so you can enjoy it all year round. The HPO Zodiac  heat pump uses full INVERTER technology. Thanks to the latter, it offers low energy consumption !

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Zodiac HPO Heat Pump

zodiac HPO heat pump

The HPO Zodiac heat pump is the ideal equipment for cooling or heating your pool. The HPO Zodiac heat pump works with full Inverter technology. This allows it to limit energy consumption by up to 30% unlike other models in the same category. Thanks to this system, the fan and the compressor can use 10 different speeds in order to provide the most suitable power for the temperature of your choice.

What is the COP or coefficient of performance ?

The COP is simply a ratio between the power delivered to the pool water and the energy consumption of the heat pump.

Ex : When we approach a COP atit means that the heat pump yields 6 times more power compared to what it consumes in electric current, under certain environmental conditions.

Economical and silent heat pump : Full Inverter Technology

Thanks to the integrated Full Inverter technology, the Zodiac HPO heat pump is not only silent, but also very economical. This innovation allows the fan and the compressor to adapt their operation. That's not all, it ensures the variation of their speed in order to offer the most agreed power at the set temperature according to the pool. This technology also reduces electricity consumption. It offers a 30% energy  saving compared to a conventional heat pump.

Intelligent control using mode selection :

To ensure that the energy is used as it should, the heat pump offers 3 operating modes.

Discover below the 3 modes available on the HPO heat pump :

  • Silence : this option uses 50% to 70% of the device's capacity. The power of the heat pump is reduced, favoring the silence of its operation and its energy savings.
  • Smart : this functionality uses 50% to 100% of the capacities of the HPO heat pump. It makes it possible to automatically adjust the power of the equipment according to the temperature.
  • Boost : this mode deploys 100% of the capacities of the HPO heat pump. It is perfect especially at the beginning of the season or when the air and water are cool.

Sizing of the heat pump :

The sizing of a Zodiac HPO heat pump is decisive in order to enjoy all the advantages :

  • highly efficient heating.
  • reduced power consumption.
  • great durability.
  • silent operation.

On the other hand, when the power of the heat pump may turn out to be low, this only leads to negative effects :

  • slow and inefficient heating.
  • considerable power consumption.
  • a limited lifespan.

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The table below directs you in the choice of the power adapted according to your region and according to the volume of the swimming pool. The calculations include the use of a bubble cover on the pool water surface, especially at night. Without cover, the power of the heat pump should be doubled due to the heat losses to be expected.

Relevant characteristics :

  • For which pools : semi-buried and above-ground pools.
  • Suitable for any type of water treatment.
  • Antifreeze thermostat (minimum operating temperature -12°C).
  • Touch-sensitive and removable LCD (LED) touch screen.
  • Full Inverter rotary compressor.
  • 3 operating modes for better intelligent regulation of the heat pump.
  • Horizontal blowing.
  • Bodywork in ABS, galvanized steel and epoxy paint.
  • Heating priority option.
  • Automatic defrosting (cycle inversion).
  • Titan exchanger.
  • Water flow controller.

Technical characteristics :

Dimensions :

Dimensions of ZODIAC HPO Heat Up

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