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Kit By Pass In-Ground or Above-Ground Swimming Pools

kit by pass piscine hors sol ou piscine enterrée

The Kit By Pass is a set of fittings and valves to divert hydraulic circuit and it helps to install an electrolyzer or a heat pump.

The Kit By Pass Functioning :

  • Water-Flow Control: The Flow Controller indicates the flow rate of water for proper operation of your equipment. The 3 valves are available in your Kit By Pass, they will help you to obtain the correct amount of water in hydraulic circuit.
  • Equipment decommissioning: The By Pass kit allows to complete the hydraulic circuit. If you close the inlet and outlet valves, the water will no longer circulate, thus your heat pump or electrolyser will be switched off during winter season or maintenance.

Parts and Components of the Kit By Pass :

50 x 38 fluted connectors to be glued

Kit By Pass Valves Tees to stick to 90° Elbows to be glued at 90° 50 x 38 fluted connectors to be glued Cleaner 500ml
Blue glue 250g
diameter 50 mm 3 2 2 2 1 1

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