The Solar Dome is an ecological and economical way to heat your swimming pool. 

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Solar Dome for above-ground swimming pools

dome solaire pour piscine hors-sol

This solar heater dome for above-ground pools is the most ecological way to heat your swimming pool for free. It was created due to its innovative design, to allow a better heat transfer than the conventional solar panels while significantly reducing the space required for its installation. With this heater dome you can extend the swimming season.  

Select the number of domes depending on the volume of your pool.

  • We recommend one dome to 10 m3 on an area with maximum sun exposure.
  • It is also possible to connect multiple heaters to increase heating capacity.

How it works: 

  • When properly installed, the solar heater will be connected to your filter and your pool by two hose connections: one hose will feed cold, filtered pool water from your pump into one port of the solar heater.
  • A kit by pass is optional if you want to regulate the flow of water.
  • The other hose will feed sun warmed water from the other port of the solar heater to your pool via the pool return inlet in your pool.
  • Cold water is fed into the solar heater, it travels through the solar coils where it is heated by the sun before it is delivered back into your swimming pool.
  • This system allows a water temperature increase by 3°C.
  • Caution: heating your water depends on the number of hours that the filter pump is running, the location of the dome, the outside temperature and the water temperature.

installation du dome solaire

The advantages of this heating system:

  • Ecological: Heats water using the sun's energy
  • Economic: You are using free energy! Solar energy is free and abundantYou save money on fuel bills.
  • Innovative design: The dome allows for a better capture of the sun heat.
  • Small size: Takes up less space than traditional solar panels. Suitable for small spaces.
  • Simple and easy to install: You will need only one screwdriver to connect the dome to your filtration system.


  • Shape designed to capture as much sun heat as possible.
  • Clear dome with cloth cover creating a greenhouse effect and increasing the heating capacity.
  • Size : 55 x 55 cm.
  • Connection: 32/38 mm diameter.
  • Tube collector : 24 x 38 mm.
  • Special Intex tube adapter, allowing connection to almost any filtration system.
  • Caution: delivered without connecting hoses and mounting hardware.

Warranty: 1 YEAR

Optional: The Kit by Pass 32-38mm

kit by pass pour dome solaire


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