5.49 x 2.74 x 1.22m, the Oval Bestway Power Steel pool with briquette look is the perfect equipment to spend better magical moments with your loved ones. Thanks to its pretty portholes and its attractive design, it leaves a unique decorative note in your outdoor environment....

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Oval tubular Bestway Power Steel pool 5,49 x 2,74 x 1,22m brick pattern

piscine tubulaire ovale 5.49x2.74x1.22m aspect briquettes

It's hard to resist the modern design of the 5.49 x 2.74 x 1.22 m Power Steel Vista Oval Pool. Its liner is distinguished by its exterior pattern with a very successful gray briquette appearance. This design will bring novelty to your exterior. Complete, the pool comes with a safety ladder, a protective cover, a chemconnect diffuser and a cartridge filter. Thanks to it, your friends and family will be able to have fun during the swimming season.

The swimming pool demonstrates remarkable durability. Its gray structure is made of first-class steel. As for its liner, it benefits from solid welds optimizing its longevity.

BESTWAY quality :

  • A pool that stands the test of time : The BESTWAY pool has a high-end finish that accentuates its robustness and durability. It is distinguished by its liner with quality welds and its frame designed in anti-corrosion steel. Their tubes can be assembled with ease.
  • Tritech liner with prismatic stone pattern : This material is composed of 3 layers, the 2 parts of which are made of laminated PVC. They have a synthetic interwoven polyester mesh combining great durability and high resistance. The Tritech remains a superior quality element benefiting from an anti-UV treatment. Thanks to this design, it can tolerate extreme conditions like exposure to chlorine. Even better, it has tthe ability to withstand the pressure of a large volume of water.
  • New for 2022, the BESTWAY brand accompanies the Power Steel pool with a liner with frosted composition. This finish prevents algae from clinging easily to its walls.That's not all, the pond brings modernity to your garden, thanks to its ''prismatic stone'' pattern.
  • Easy installation : Its assembly requires no special tools. In just 30 minutes, the operation can be quick and very simple.
  • Chemconnect : The distributor is located on the discharge nozzle. It is used to distribute treatment products without interruption.

Equipment included :

piscine tubulaire ovale aspect briquettes 5.49 x 2.74 x 1.22m

Dimensions :

piscine ovale tubaulaire 5.49 x 2.74 x 1.22m

Quick and easy installation :

  1. Assembly time around 30 min with the help of 3 people.
  2. Proceed with soil preparation.
  3. Land the pools.
  4. Join the tubular structure.
  5. Carry out the impoundment.

Technical characteristics :

  • Reference : 56716.
  • Structure : Tubular.
  • From : Oval.
  • Cut : 5,49 x 2,74 x ↕1,22m.
  • Assembly : Aboveground.
  • Swimming urface : 5,27 x 2,54 x ↕1,10m.
  • Volume of water : 13,430 m³.
  • Supply voltage : 220-240V.
  • Filtration : cartridge filter.
  • Filtration capacity : 5,678 L/h.
  • Cartridge : Size III (supplied).
  • Pipe diameter : Ø 38mm.
  • Portholes : 4 included.
  • Ladder : Built-in 1,22m safety ladder.
  • Ground sheet : Not provided.
  • Tarpaulin protection : Integrated.
  • Repair patch : Provided.
  • Discharge nozzle for better circulation : Integrated.
  • Drain plug with connection adapter for garden hoses.
  • Liner, prismatic stone pattern : very strong side walls designed with 3 layers of PVC/TRITECH.
  • Assembly time : 30 minutes apart from filling.

Warranty : 2 YEARS

As a Certified Partner in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany.

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