The Zodiac Vortex OV 5480 IQ robot can clean pools of 12 x 6 m. It can be controlled using an engine block or a cell phone. Thanks to the integrated cyclonic suction, it has a suction power of more than 30%. Its anti-tangle cable options, full filter indicator and water outlet assistance make this pool robot practical to deploy on a daily basis...

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Zodiac Vortex OV 5480 IQ robot 

zodiac vortex OV5480 IQ

The Zodiac OV5480 IQ robot offers intelligent control technology. Also, it is equipped with driving wheels. These assets allow him to move easily, regardless of the obstacles in the pool. It can be adjusted with your mobile phone or with its engine block. This model is suitable for cleaning a 12 x 6 m swimming pools. Compared to other models, it is prized for the included "SWIVL" system allowing the wire not to get entangled in the basin. As for the "LIFT SYSTEM" functionality, it plays the role of an assistant when getting out of the water, reducing the weight of the device. Many buyers also favor this robot, due to the presence of the full filter indicator. Using an indicator light, it tells you when the filter is full.

Effective cyclonic suction !


The cyclonic suction creates some bubblling in the filter allowing the vacuumed waste to remain in suspension throughout the cleaning cycle. With this technology, there is no risk of the filter being clogged. Thus, the Vortex OV5480 IQ robot offers the same suction power from the start to the end of the job. That's why its cleaning performance is the best !

An all-terrain and agile robot !

zodiac VORTEX OV5480 IQ

The zodiac Vortex robot is accompanied by 4-wheel drive, which allows it to move with agility. For this purpose, it is able to overcome the obstacles of the swimming pool without problem. Even better, it can adapt to all types of coating. Thanks to this robot, your pool will be cleaned with precision and in every corner.

A smart robot that can be configured remotely !

zodiac vortex OV5480 IQ

The Zodiac Vortex OV5480 IQ robot offers you the opportunity to control it from your mobile phone. This feature helps you master pool cleaning, making your daily life easier.

Convenience of use with the 3 functions :

vortex OV5480 IQ zodiac

  • Lift system : The robot settles against the wall then waits at the level of the water line. An ultra-powerful rear jet expels water offering 20% less effort to get the device out of the water.
  • Full filter indicator : A light indicates when the robot's filter needs to be emptied.
  • Swivel : An anti-tangle cable system.

For which pools ?

  • for in ground For in-ground and above-ground pools with solid edges
  • all shapes All shapes of swimming pools
  • all types of coatings All types of coatings and bottoms
  • size pool Size up to 12 x 6 m
  • cleaning pools Bottom, water line and walls cleaning

Standard equipment :

  • control box Control box
  • filter ov5480 iq vortex 5 Liter filter tank
  • transport trolley Transport trolley

Technical characteristics :

  • Pool size : 12 x 6 m.
  • Transport trolley : integrated
  • Cleaning cycle : numerous from 30min to 3h30.
  • Cleaning with the cycle : Bottom (30min)/Bottom, wall and water line (3h30)/ Water line
  • Suction mechanism : 30% more efficient thanks to cyclonic suction
  • Large suction capacity with a cleaned width of 24.5 cm
  • Huge capacity filter box (5L)
  • Traction system : 4 wheel drive
  • Lift System Technology : makes it easier to get out of the water
  • Swivel : Cable anti-tangle
  • Adjustable via phone : es
  • Filter full indicator
  • Transmission : gears
  • Robot weight : 9.5 kg
  • Safeties : out of water safety, beach system, electronic engine protection.

Manufacturer's warranty : 2 years

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