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The Aston model of the C-SPAS brand will be an ideal solution if you want to relax and it takes not much space...

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c-spa aston gamme arcadia

The brand C-SPAS offers a range of spas designed to please the most demanding needs. All models of the C-SPAS brand combine perfect ergonomics with the best technology.

The C-SPAS universe consists of 4 ranges. The Aston Spa belongs to the ARCADIA range. The spas belonging to the ARCADIA range make it possible to discover balneotherapy at the best quality and pleasure ratio! The ARCADIA series offers you high-performance spas with an ergonomic design which have components identical to the ESSENTIA and RIVIERA ranges. The ARCADIA series brings the essentials of balneotherapy at the best price and quality. Discover ARCADIA relaxation.


caractéristiques spa aston cspa

  • Massage Positions: 1 elongated and 2 seated.

Equipment Includes: Cover

couverture marron pour spa cspas

  • The cover is made of the UV resistant vinyl cover and a high density foam cover that allows maximum heat retention to reduce heating losses.
  • High density 100% virgin foam, specially formulated for superior strength and insulation.
  • Anti-corrosion nylon zipper.
  • Aluminum sheet which provides additional protection against premature moisture absorption ensuring structural integrity for a longer shelf life.
  • Tapered junction joint prevents loss of heat and evaporation of water.
  • Peripheral vinyl skirt that creates an airtight seal to protect the spa from dust and environmental contaminants.
  • Robust handles for easy handling.
  • 4 locking straps with security code.


  • Made of LUCITE.
  • Color: Sterling Silver.

  • Made in USA coque lucite pour spa

spa jade, coque grise pour c-spas

  • Exceptional quality:

coque lucite pour spa


  • Entourage: Composite wood.

entourage pour spa c-spas coloris coffee en bois composite

The support frame made of stainless steel:

chassis pour cspas

Wood structure:

The chassis are made of wood and treated class-4, the treatment that guarantees exceptional durability. Unlike a metal or composite frame, the wooden chassis does not imply any vibration. The wooden frame eliminates any risk of perforation of the hull due to its flexibility. The most famous spa brands use this type of chassis.

structure bois

ABS bottom:

fond du spa en abs

High-performance insulation:

  • Insulation of the tank: 40mm.
  • Spa base insulation: 35mm + Bubble Aluminum Sheet.
  • Peripheral Insulation: 35mm + Bubble Aluminum Sheet.

isolation pour spa

Quality packaging:

emballage cspa

The Absolute spa is delivered in specific packaging on steel pallet to protect the material from damages during transportation.

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