Do you want a solid, environmentally friendly, durable and easy to assemble swimming pool? offers C-BLOCK structure made of high density polystyrene blocks from the manufacturer directly. The C-BLOCK polystyrene structure is made in France. offers you the C-BLOCK polystyrene kit, in CLASSIC or PREMIUM version.

C-BLOCK CLASSIC Rectangulaire
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Polystyrene Pool Kit C-BLOCK Classic Rectangle, Height 1m20

c-block rectangulaire

C-BLOCK is composed of high-density polystyrene blocks that are assembled by simple interlocking to form an extremely strong insulating structure of the pool due to the alliance of the reinforced concrete poured inside the polystyrene wall. The high density of the C-BLOCK polystyrene blocks makes it easier to maintain the temperature of the water during the day, while keeping the strength of the traditional construction structure. The C-BLOCK polystyrene structure is available in two versions. The Classic or the Premium.

The  characteristics of the C-BLOCK CLASSIC version:

  • White polystyrene blocks.
  • Density 20kg/m2.
  • Dimensions: length 1ml, width 25cm, height 30cm, thickness 5cm.
  • Two water levels:

hauteur d'eau

The Advantages of the Polystyrene C-BLOCK:

  • Light-weighted and easy to handle structure: due to polystyrene blocks of the C-BLOCK, it allows a fast and safe assembling without an expert neither a mechanical machine is required. c-block-white
  • Strong and durable structure: the C-BLOCK polystyrene blocks are reinforced by the 16cm thick concrete which is poured inside the walls of your pool, and reinforced vertically every 25cm and horizontally every 30cm in order to provide a homogeneous and extremely resistant structure.
  • Modular structure: the C-BLOCK polystyrene block adapts to the size of the pool you've planned, due to the quality of its easily cut materials with a simple handsaw and thanks to its ease of handling light-weighted structure.
  • Easy to assemble structure: the C-BLOCK polystyrene blocks fit like LEGO game. The mounting of the angles is made easier due to the plugs delivered with the kit and make it possible to retain the concrete during the operation.
  • Ergonomic design: using quality materials and perfectly smooth interior structure of the C-BLOCK; it does not need to be coated. Moreover, the polystyrene helps to keep the temperature up to 4 °C in your swimming pool.

Easy Installation:c-block classic rectangle

  1. Digging work
  2. Assembling of polyester blocks
  3. The walls installation
  4. The bottom installation
  5. Reinforced PVC or liner installation
  6. Connect to water supply

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