The Bestway cartridge dedicated for the Bestway 58383 and 58386 cartridge filters help maintain water clarity throughout the hot season...

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Bestway Size II Flowclear Cartridge

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The Bestway cartridge is the preponderant element which makes it possible to purify water. It is important to purge your cartridge 3-4 times weekly. To keep the water clean throughout the year, it is advisable to replace the cartridge at least every 15 days. This is because if the cartridge is serviced and replaced often, you would use less chemicals.

Cartridge Size II :

  • Product number : 58094
  • Fitswith Bestway cartridge Filters 2006L/h and 3028L/h (réf : 58383 and 58386).
  • Size : 13.6cm
  • Diameter : Ø11cm.
  • Pack of 2 cartridges.
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