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Desalgine Jet 3L is a non-foaming, concentrated liquid algaecide for the prevention of algae growth. In addition, Desalgine Jet contains a clarifier for enhanced sparkling water.

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Bayrol Desalgine Jet

desalgine jet

The Bayrol's Desalgine Jet innovates in the industry that has seen it as the groundbreaker of the algicide treatment. Particularly, it suits to the pools equipped with counter-current swimming and automatic regulating devices. Desalgine Jet is a preventive and curative non-foaming treatment against algae. Bayrol guarantees you an incomparable quality and exceptional results in the fight against algae blooms due to its status as the inventor of the first algaecide. You will also benefit from the clarifying effect with the use of Desalgine Jet, it is ideal to maintain a healthy and crystalline water.

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  • Non-foaming concentrated liquid with remarkable efficiency due to its new formula, the spectrum of activity is widened and the clarifying effect is strengthened.
  • It is suitable for swimming pools equipped with a counter-current swimming system or automatic regulation.

Usage:desalgine jet, bayrol, lutte contre les algues

  • Preliminary treatment: spray 1-2% solution on the walls. Allow to dry it before pouring water into your pool.
  • Starting: pour 150 ml for 10m3 of Desalgine Jet in front of the discharge nozzles (filtration should be in operation). Allow the filtration to work for 2 hours after treatment.
  • Preventive weekly treatment: pour 50ml/10m3 (30ml for indoor pools).
  • Presence of algae: brush the walls and clean the filter, perform the usual shock treatment, then pour 250ml/10m3 of Desalgine Jet.


  • Recommended dosage: 50ml/10m3.
  • Dosage of the product: directly into the pond.
  • Type of filters: any type of filter.
  • Dimensions of the pool: all dimensions.
  • Dosing frequency: every week.

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