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HTH Brome Action 4 will be your ally in disinfection of your water...

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HTH Brome Multifunction  

The first multi-action brome!


  • Disinfection with bromine (BCDMH), for a "chlorine-free" treatment of pool water, in association with a product with active oxygen powder.

Provides simultaneously and permanently the following functions:

  • Disinfects the water
  • Fights against fungi and algae
  • Flocculates impurities (filter aid)
  • Clears the water


  • Slowly dissolving 20-gram tablets, residue-free
  • Excellent disinfecting action, regardless of the pH of the treated water (98% with pH 7.0 and even 75% with pH 8.2)
  • Reduces, even suppresses the pH control "Active chlorine-free” product, therefore without the production of dangerous derivatives (chloramines, stabilizers)
  • Very low gaseous emanations compared to chlorine, a decisive advantage for water with high temperatures
  • Disinfecting action
  • Algaecide action
  • Flocculent action
  • Non-oxidizing during storage and handling
  • High stabilization against the harmful action of the sun’s ultra violet radiations
  • The average content in active principle (BCDMH) of approximately 91% Average content of gaseous chlorine equivalent is approx.52% It does not contain cyanuric acid (stabilizer)
  • Can be used in hard water (high TH)
  • Compatible with any filtration equipment
  • Non-oxidizing formula;
  • INERIS test according to method CE-A-17


  • Make sure the filter is on.
  • Adjust the pH between 7.0 and 7.6.
  • Tablets are designed to be placed into a skimmer, a bromine-releasing device or a floating diffuser, provided to be adapted accordingly.
  • Make sure the skimmer, bromine-releasing device or floating diffuser are clean and contain no products other than that contained in this package.
  • We recommend 1 tablet per m3 of water every 7-10 days.

Packaging: 5 kg bucket.

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