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Piscimar manufactures top quality products and meets the highest European standards. Piscimar offers a range of unique products with very high concentration. Phos-Out helps to kill algae by starvation.

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Piscimar Phos-Out

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Phos-Out eliminates phosphates from the water, phosphates allow the algae to feed and therefore develop.

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The advantages of the Phos-Out:

  • Eliminates phosphates. Prevents the growth of algae.
  • Facilitates the maintenance of the pool. Strengthens the effectiveness of an active oxygen treatment.
  • Perfectly suited for salt electrolysis treatment.

conseil du professur An expert's advice:

  • Phosphates are the food of seaweed created by photo-synthesis.
  • Analyze at the beginning of the season the concentration of phosphates in your swimming pool.
  • Check the water balance parameters: Alkalinity and Ph.
  • Maintain sufficient filtration time.
  • Remove phosphates by shock chlorination before pouring the Phos-Out into the pool if the algae are already present in the pool.
  • Add Goldenflok to remove turbidities and allow filtration to continue for 24 hours immediately after treatment.
  • Add 0.3 L/100m3 of Phos-Out per week to maintain the level of phosphates less than 125 ppb.


  • Calculate the dose of Phos-Out depending on the level of phosphates and the volume of your pool.
  • For a concentration of phosphates up to: - 200 ppb for 0.3 L/100m3 - 500 ppb for 0.6 L/100m3 - 1000ppb for 1.2L/100m3.
  • Use Goldenflok and filter 24 hours non-stop after pouring Phos-Out into the pool.
  • Carry out a filter wash if you notice an increase of 400grs of the gauge pressure.
  • Use Phos-Out as a weekly treatment to maintain the level of phosphates below 125 ppb.


  • Container of 1,2L

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