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Bayrol's Spa Time is a range of products created to meet the requirements of pool owners. Characteristics of spas are taken into consideration. Indeed, the high temperature of the water and the bubbling created by the mixing of water by air are two peculiarities of the product...

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Spa Time Chlorine Granules 1kg

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Bayrol's Spa Time offers to spa owners a full range of water care products. It is easy to use and complementary, they allow the water of your spa to be always clear and healthy.


Chlorine granules will disinfect your spa water reliably. The granules dissolve quickly and work rapidly at removing bacteria, turbidity and impurities in the spa water.

Dosing recommendations:chlorine, granules, bayrol, spatime

5 g/m3 after every use. Check the chlorine value at least once per week using SpaTime test strips, and if necessary adjust it to the optimum value of 1.0 – 1.5 mg/L. The dosage required will depend on the measured chlorine value. In order to prevent problems with the water treatment, make sure that there is chlorine present in the water at all times. After each use, add the chlorine granules directly to the spa water with the circulation pump running.

Tip: Before adding the disinfectant, please check the pH value. If necessary, adjust to the correct value of 7.0 – 7.6 to ensure the best possible efficacy of the chlorine granules. 


  • Superior pearl quality.
  • Dissolves completely without residue.
  • pH neutral.
  • Dust free.
  • Stabilised chlorine, prevents fast chlorine degradation at higher temperatures or exposure to sunlight

Important information:

This product should be used solely for the purpose specified.


The 6 basic rules for a well-maintained water

Rule N°1: Balance your spa water.

  • Although water always looks the same, water parameters such as the pH value or the water hardness may differ greatly, depending on the region. Therefore, it is important to balance the water immediately after filling, in order to make regular care as easy as possible. Three parameters play an important role in this area: the overall hardness, alkalinity and the pH value.
  • The overall hardness (TH)  is a measure of the amount of calcium and magnesium in the water. You can find out the overall hardness level of your water by contacting your local water supplier. With a level over 200 mg/L, heating the water can cause limescale deposits on the walls, creating rough surfaces. To prevent limescale deposits, always use Hardness Stabiliser after refilling.
  •  An additional key value for water care is the Total Alkalinity  (TA) If it is too low or too high, then the pH value will vary considerably and will be very difficult to adjust. This can damage your spa as well as lead to skin and eye irritation. The ideal TA value is between 125 – 150 mg/L. Check the TA level immediately after filling and then on a weekly basis. If necessary, raise the TA level with Alca-Plus or lower with pH-Minus. The product is dosed directly into the spa water. 
  • The pH value is the basis for reliable disinfection. The care products only work perfectly when the levels are correct, meaning the water is not harmful to skin, hair or eyes. The ideal pH value is between 7.0 and 7.6. The pH value is influenced by various factors. For example it increases when fresh water is added. Increasing the water temperature or using the jets changes the pH value. Therefore, check the value at least once a week and, if necessary, increase the levels using pH-Plus or decrease with pH-Minus. The granules are dosed directly into the spa water.

Rule N°2: Carry out basic treatment on a weekly basis.

  • When the spa water is balanced, the next important step to be carried out is: disinfection of the water. Although the water – depending on the care method – is disinfected either directly before or after each bathing session, you should still carry out basic treatment once a week.

Rule N°3: Ensure regular effective water disinfection.

  • To protect your health, ensure that your spa water is disinfected thoroughly on a regular basis. This is particularly important in spas, as the high water temperatures provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. To prevent water care problems, there must be sufficient levels of disinfectant in the water at all times. Basic weekly treatment with Spa Pure provides protection against bacteria and impurities. However, this basic protection must be increased each time the spa is used. You can choose between the following three methods: disinfection with chlorine, without chlorine using active oxygen or bromine.chlore, bayrol, spatime

Rule N°4: Ensure excellent water filtration.

  • Each spa is equipped with a circulation pump. It moves the water and guides it through the filter. Amongst other things, this causes the dosed water care products to be distributed evenly and thus to act everywhere. Let the circulation system run according to the specifications of your spa manufacturer.
  • A fully functioning filter helps to keep the water clean by retaining dirt particles. However, if the filter is not cared for, then it gets blocked and its function will be impaired. The consequence of this is poor water quality and increased consumption of disinfectants. We recommend that you clean the filter cartridge at least every four weeks. .

What should you do?

  • Remove the filter cartridge from the filter box of your spa and remove any large dirt particles.
  • Dissolve the complete contents of one sachet of Filter Cleaner in a half-full 10 litre bucket.
  • Place the cartridge into the cleaning solution.
  • Turn it round several times at intervals and depending on the degree of soiling, take it out of the solution after approx. 5 hours.
  • Then rinse the cartridge again and let it dry before inserting it.
  • To further increase the performance of the filter, add Clarifier. This product ensures that the smallest dirt particles, which are not usually retained by the filter, are increased in size and can be filtered out.

Rule N°5: Change the water regularly.

  • Regular drainage and refilling with fresh water is an important part of spa care, as overtime, the water will become enriched with minerals, chemicals and other substances. These can make the water look lifeless and impair the effectiveness of the care products. For a better understanding as to when you should exchange your spa water, use the following formula: Water volume in litres ÷ average number of bathers per day ÷ 12 = Number of days until the next water exchange

What should you do?

  • Using the above formula to calculate how often your water should be changed.
  • Drain the water completely.
  • Clean all the surfaces with Surface Cleaner using a cloth or viscose sponge, or using the special Cleaning Glove.
  • Fill your spa with fresh water.

Is the water foaming?
Foam on the surface of the water does not look very inviting. If your spa water has a tendency to foam, then we recommend you add Anti Foam. The product is added directly to the spa water. If the water continues to foam, even after the product has been added, replace the water.

Rule N°6: Care for your spa water according to the plan.

  • At a glance, spa water care may look difficult and complicated: too many products and too many rules … However, when you have got to grips with the details, you will quickly see that the amount of care is minimal, as there are only a few rules to be followed regularly, whilst others only need to be followed occasionally.
  • The basic rules are N°1 & N°2: the correct pH value and basic disinfection of the water.  If you follow these two rules, then you will automatically avoid any water treatment problems.

Our recommendation:

  • Make this a routine task, and if possible, perform maintenance operations on a set day of the week.

The most common water problems and solutions:

If there is a problem with water quality, first run through the following checklist:


-Is the pH value correct?

  • Ideal pH value: 7.0 to 7.6.

-Does the water contain sufficient disinfectant?

  • Ideal Chlorine value: 1.0 – 1.5 mg/L
  • Ideal Bromine value: 3.0 – 5.0 mg/L
  • Ideal Active Oxygen value: 5 – 8 mg/L.

-Is the filter clean?

  • Clean or replace the cartridge.

-Is the circulation system ok?

  • Is the filter pump running according to the manufacturer's recommendation?

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