This pool winterizing set is your best ally when winterizing your pool.

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Pool Winterizing Equipment Set

pack hivernage matériel

The set includes:

Pool size Floats Skimmer Guards
Up to 7 x 3 m 16 2 3
Up to 8 x 4 m 20 2 3
Up to 10 x 5 m 24 2 3
Up to 12 x 6 m 28 2 3

Caution:  All packs are supplied as standard with original plugs n°10 - 1"1/2 compatible with 50 mm diameter piping. For other connection diameters, please specify in a message or a comment: "plug N°12 2".

pack hivernageFloat:

  • Float weighted for winterizing your pool.
  • Float length: 50cm.
  • Delivered with its own latch.

Skimmer guard (gizzmo):

  • The skimmer guard saves your skimmer from the freeze.
  • To be placed in the skimmer.
  • Bottom connections: 1"1/2 and 2" to adapt to almost all types of skimmers..
  • Isolates the pipes during the winter period.

The Skimmer Guard is designed to absorb the expansion of the freeze, allowing your skimmer to last throughout the winter undamaged.

Winterizing plug:

  • The winterizing plugs are used to seal your pool's return fittings and suction inlets.
  • They are essential to insulate the plumbing system throughout the winter season.
  • They come in several sizes to fit your installation:
  1. N°10: 1"1/2 = piping diameter: 50mm.
  2. N°12: 2" = piping diameter: 63mm.


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