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Piscimar "Goldenflok"


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Piscimar has created a range of high quality chemicals, designed to solve the specific problems of water quickly and efficiently. "Goldenflok" has been developed to eliminate sun oil residues, fats present in swimming pools...

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13,95 € tax incl.

Piscimar "Goldenflok"

goldenflok,piscimar, élimine les résidus gras

"Goldenflok" is a concentrated product that removes fats, sun oil residues, pollen and all types of particles by coagulation. Indeed, you will no longer need to clean the bottom of your pool because "Goldenflok" has been developed so that all the dirt on the surface of the water is recovered by the skimmers and trapped in the sand filter. A simple filter wash will evacuate all these impurities.

The elimination of these fats allows to avoid appearing tasks on the water line and therefore reduces your daily cleaning time.

ligne d'eau encrassée

The Advantages of "Goldenflok":

  • Preventive treatment.
  • This product is compatible with all filtration systems. (diatom, cartridge, zeolite, sand etc...)
  • Product compatible with all automatic cleaners.
  • Eliminates fat residues.
  • Allows easy cleaning everyday.
  • Compatible with salt electrolysis treatment.
  • Clarifying coagulant.


  • Put in washing position for 3 minutes.
  • Put in the rinse position for 20 seconds.
  • 1 liter per 200m3 to 600m3 of water is required.
  • Filter the pool for 48 hours.

Capacity: 0,5l



Golden flock

première fois que j'utilise ce produit.
a récupéré tous le pollen qui flottait suite au coup de vent
super efficace

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