The Bestway brand introduces a cartridge cleaning comb that is the most convenient and fastest way to clean your cartridge in record time.

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Bestway Cartridge Cleaning Comb

nettoyage cartouche avec peigne bestway

The Bestway comb is designed to ensure that your spa or pool cartridges are cleaned more easily and in no time. It is prized for its ease of use. You simply connect it to the garden hose. The water flow will remove all the dirt and other particles inside your cartridge. It is possible to adjust the water flow according to your requirements and desired results.

By using this comb, you don't have to use more chemicals. Moreover, the water will become purer.

peigne bestway pour nettoyer les cartouche de filtration

Caractéristiques :

  • Reference :58662/E
  • Color : Gray and blue.
  • Hose connector included.
  • Equipped with a button to turn on or off the water flow.
  • Offers a great precision during the cleaning of your cartridges.
  • Water jet to remove dirt and particles in a short time.
  • Cushion that can be adjusted via a strap and a counterweight.
  • The mesh can be washed very easily.
  • Compatibility : Suitable for all types of spa and above ground filtration cartridges.
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