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Dipper Cleaner



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Dipper is a hydraulic cleaner that plugs into the suction of filtration system of an above-ground or in-ground swimming pool. It works on sloping bottoms and flat bottoms...

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89,00 € tax incl.

Dipper Cleaner

robot hydraulique dipper

The Dipper cleans the pool effectively, while being quiet. Its particular design allows it to clean everywhere in the pool even in the most difficult to access areas.

The advantages:

  • Quiet: its floppy disk makes it move smoothly.
  • Aspiration: robot is equipped with a pressure regulator for ideal aspiration. The flow of water is optimized and it allows the robot to operate with powerful filtration pumps...
  • Operation: simply connect Dipper to the filtration system which must have a minimum flow of 5m³/h and a filtration pump of at least 0.50CV.
  • Shifting: it adapts to pools with flat bottoms and inclined bottoms. 8.25m of pipe allows the Dipper to move anywhere in ponds up to 5.50m long.
  • Handling: its integrated handle ensures easy handling in the water.
  • Autonomy: without an electrical connection, the Dipper robot allows you to work autonomously.


  • Product type: hydraulic robot.
  • Operation: automatic.
  • Pools: above-ground, rigid or in-ground.
  • Background: flat or inclined.
  • Size: swimming pool with a maximum length of 5.50m.
  • Colors: yellow, black and white.
  • Cleaning: background.
  • Recommended flow: 5m³/h.
  • Power filtration pump min: 0,50CV / 375W.
  • 8.25m of pipes: included.
  • Pressure regulator: included.
  • Wing membrane: included.
  • Handle for easy and fast handling.
  • Few maintenance operations: only one moving part.

Warranty: 2 YEARS


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