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The Pentair Blue Rebel Hydraulic Robot is an economical and durable solution to clean the bottom, walls and water line for swimming pools up to 12 x 6m...

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Blue Rebel Robot

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Blue Rebel is a silent, fast and self-contained hydraulic robot that adapts to all coatings. This vacuum cleaner will be able to clean the bottom, walls and water line for swimming pools up to 12 x 6m. It is equipped with a programming system.

Economical and Easy to Use :

  • There is no electrical connection required. It can be connected to a brush socket or a skimmer, it will move due to the power of the filter pump. It's a high performance robot whatever the power of the filtration system.
  • It uses a high-performance turbine which allows the maximum optimization of the water flow by the filtration pump.
  • Unlike other hydraulic robots this one operates the lowest speed of a filtration pump.

A design that makes the maintenance easier :

  • The cover on the upper part of the robot provides easy access to its components, including the turbine.

Effective cleaning :

  • The Blue Rebel robot is developed by Pentair, it has a robust and ingenious design. Its two compact wheels and caterpillar thread allow the robot to move forward while managing obstacles, due to these features, the Blue Rebel vacuum cleaner will never be blocked inside the pool.
  • It is equipped with a programming system, it will automatically change direction, in order to ensure a complete maintenance of the basin.
  • It is also turbine equipped with self-adjusting ribbing. The turbine of the blue rebel robot will help to aspirate all the impurities in your swimming pool and to return them to the filter without clogging or obstruction. The self-adjusting ribbing on the impeller will take the impurities without blocking the absorption pipe.

Advantages and Amenities :

  • régulateur de débit robot blue rebel Water-flow regulator: makes the robot to receive a sufficient flow of water for an optimal functioning.

  • Flotteur pour tuyauThe float of the pipe: helps to avoid the formation of knots on the pipe of the robot.

  • cone d'adaptationAdapter cone on brush socket: allows to connect the robot more easily to a brush socket.

  • Rouleaux stabilisateursStabilizer rollers: provide the stability of the robot in order to aspirate the debris in a swimming pool more effectively.

  • débimètreFlow-rate-meter: used for measuring the flow or quantity of water to ensure good operation of the robot.

Product Features :

  • Types of pools: up to 12 x 6m.
  • The size of the basin: up to 12 x 6m.
  • It's compatible with in-ground and above-ground pools.
  • Types of coatings: liner, tile, hull, polyester, reinforced PVC, painted concrete etc...
  • Bottom types: flat bottom, gentle slope and shallow dive pit.
  • Cleaning: bottom, wall and water line (if sufficient flow).
  • Minimum operating flow: 6m3 / h.
  • Connection: broom or skimmer.
  • Hydraulic connection pipe: 10,4m (included).
  • Access to the turbine: from the top with easy opening.
  • Scheduled movement: yes.
  • Pathway: variable rotations for an optimal cleaning effect.
  • Wheel rotation speed: 11 to 13 rpm.
  • Rotation system: by sprockets.
  • Stabilizer rollers for easy removal of debris.
  • Suction width: 20cm.
  • Flow Regulator: included.
  • Float for hose: included.
  • Adapter for broom socket: included.
  • Flow-rate-meter: included.

Warranty : 2 years


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