The Pool-Runner robot is ideal if you want to clean the bottom of your swimming pool...

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Pool-Runner Robot

robot poolrunner nettoyage du fond de la piscine

The Pool-Runner electric robot is suitable for swimming pools up to 10m long, regardless of shape or surface. It is designed only for the bottom surface; this one will allow you to get rid of the debris or other particles in your swimming pool.

Advantages :

  • It is equipped with a low-energy-consumption transformer. This should be 3.5m from the edge of the pool so that the robot works properly and safely.

robot poolrunner s63, robot piscine pour nettoyer le fond, transformateur, commande digitale

  • It is simple to use with its control panel and the power supply.

panneau affichage, robot poolrunner

  • Handling: The Poolrunner vacuum cleaner will be easy to immerse or remove from the water with two handles at the front and back.

poignées pour insertion et retrait de l'eau, robot piscine poolrunner

  • Hydrojet propulsion function: 2 control nozzles are located at the front and the back of the robot cleaner in order to propel it in water.

buses de commande, propulsion par jet

The principles of work: (1 step) dirty water will be absorbed, (2 step) it will be cleaned by the filter, (3 step) it will be used to propel the pool-runner robot through the control nozzles.

propulsion par jet, fonctionnement robot poolrunner

  • Adjustable control nozzles: You can adjust your nozzles according to the shape or water clouding of your pool. It is necessary to adjust your robot in this way - (1), if you want a reduced cleaning action. This - (2) setting will be more suitable if you want a greater cleaning action.

reglages des buses de commande poolrunner, robot poolrunner

  • The quality of the filtration : The Pool-Runner robot is equipped with a filter bag to gather the dirt at the bottom of the swimming pool. The filter bag is easy to remove and clean after each use.

poolrunner, sac filtrant

  • Suction: There are two large openings located at the underside of the robot. The dirt is sucked and retained in the filter bag. There are also leakproof strips so that the dirt does not return to the swimming pool.

aspiration deux ouvertures

Types of swimming pools :

  • For all swimming pools up to 10 meters long.
  • For all shapes: oval, rectangular, round etc.
  • For flat bottoms.
  • For all coatings: tile, liner, polyester shell, reinforced PVC, concrete etc...


  • Maximum swimming pool dimensions: 10 x 5m.
  • The quality of filtration: 150 microns.
  • Cleaning area: bottom.
  • Cleaning: digital control
  • Energy source: self-regulating, connection to 220V upstream of a digital control.
  • Switch: Front and Back nozzle control to optimize the movement.
  • Filtration system: Filter bag (should be cleaned after each use).
  • Cable Length: 12m.
  • Suction power: 15m3/h.
  • Ideal operating temperature: 10° à 32°.
  • Ideal PH level: Between 7.0 and 7.4.
  • Movement speed: 15-18m/min.
  • Engine: DC-24V.

Warranty : 2 years.


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