The Zodiac Tornax OT3200 pool cleaner suitable for cleaning the walls and bottom of a 9 x 4 m swimming pool. The device makes it possible to remove, vacuum and store the residues present in the basin. It's a robot that greatly simplifies your life !

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Zodiac Tornac OT3200 pool robot

zodiac TORNAX OT3200 pool cleaner

The Tornax OT 3200 robot is designed to maintain a swimming pool up to 9 x 4. Not connected to the filtration, it moves intelligently in a pool to clean all corners. The model features artificial intelligence and a rotating brush. Thanks to this desiggn, it effectively loosens debris, sucks it up and then accumulates it in an ultra-rigid filter tray. The Tornax OT 3200 robot is adored for its lightness. It weighs only 5.5 kg, offering easy handling.

Impeccable cleaning :

The Zodiac OT 3200 electric robot benefits from intelligent movement technology allowing it to maintain the entire pool. With its brushing function, its cleaning is impeccable. When this option is activated, the debris is removed, absorbed and stored in the 3L filter tank. The Zodiac Tornac OT 3200 robot cleans the bottom as well as the walls of a swimming pool in 3 hours.

An ultra light robot :

The Tornax OT 3200 electric robot weighs only 5.5 kg. With its ligght weight, it is very easy to transport and to get out of the pool using its small handle.

zodiac tornac OT 3200

Robust filter box :

The Tornax OT 3200 robot is supplied with a 3L filter tank accompanied by a filtration fineness of 100 microns. Convenient to use, the filter is accessible from above. There is therefore no need to be in direct contact with the dirt present in the pool.

For wich swimming pools ?

  • types of pools Types of pools : in-ground and above-ground models with solid walls.
  • basin shapes Basin shapes : All shapes of swimming pools.
  • basin funds Basin funds : gentle slope, flat and compound slope.
  • Coatings pool Coatings : liner, reinforced PVC, polyester shell, painted concrete.
  • pool dimensions Pool dimensions : up to 9 x 4 m.

Main Features :

  • Max pool size : 9 x 4 m.
  • Cleaning area : Walls and bottom.
  • Cleaning cycle : 1 cycle (3h00)
  • Cable length : 17 m.
  • Filtration fineness : 100 microns.
  • Suction width : 17 cm.
  • Traction system : caterpillars.
  • Transmission : gears.
  • Security : beach system, electronic engine protection, out of water safety.
  • Filter capacity : 3L.
  • Brushes : Yes.
  • Remote : No.
  • Collection of debris : rigid filter with top access.
  • Transport cart : No.

Technical characteristics :

  • Number of motors : 2.
  • Box power supply voltage : 100-240 VAC; 50/60Hz
  • Robot power supply voltage : 30 VDC
  • Power consumption : 100W

2 years warranty

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