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Discover the new range of Intex round Prism Pool-Frames. An elegant swimming pool-frame that will delight the whole family...

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  • Official Partnership with Intex Europe: Warranty 1 year
  • Gifts according to availability of the stock:the football game, the Color Splash mattress, the Kiwi mattress or the Orange mattress

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Intex Prism Frame 4,57 x H1,22m

prism tubulaire ronde 457 x 122m

The Round Prism Frame new tubular pool with modern design will seduce you. It is sturdy, pretty and easy to assemble, this pool will be appreciated by the whole family. You will not miss the summer with it at your side.

Hydro Ventilation Technology:

hydro aération intex

  • Innovative technology: The Intex sand filter is equipped with the Hydro Ventilation Technology which allows air to be introduced into the return nozzle by oxygenating the water.
  • Improved filtration: the particles in the water are caught and deposited at the bottom of the pool during the ventilation process which facilitates the removal of sediment through the filtration system. Improved filtration and circulation makes the water healthier and easier to maintain.
  • Pure and clear water: The ventilation process reduces the presence of metals and eliminates the formation of stains by mixing air with water. The result is pure and clear water of your swimming pool.
  • Healthier pool: It has been shown that negative ions around the pool eliminates air pollutants and neutralizes free radicals that affect air quality. The result, pure air around the pool and healthier pool.

Equipment Includes:

swimming pool prism frame 457 x 122cm


swimming pool 457 x 122m


One gift will be offered while the stock lasts with the purchase of Prism Frame 4,57 x 1,22m swimming pool.

gifts swimming pool prism frame 457 x 122

The quality product:

  • High robustness: the Prism Frame consists of oval tubes made of galvanized stainless steel.
  • Easy assembling: just clip the tubes together and that's it!
  • Triple layer liner: the liner used for the Prism Frame is thicker than other Intex liners.


  • Intex model: PRISM FRAME
  • Structure: Tubular.
  • Shape: Round.
  • Installation: above-ground.
  • Water volume: 16,8m³/h.
  • Swimming area: 4,57 x 1,07m.
  • Filtration system: cartridge filter.
  • Filtration: 3,8m³/h.
  • Cartridge: type A.
  • Liner: triple thickness liner.
  • Ground mat: Included.
  • Protection cover: Included.
  • Safety ladder: Included.
  • Assembling time: 45 minutes.

Warranty: 1 YEAR

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