The C-WOOD pool will bring charm and a touch of modernity to your outdoors. It's simple to assemble, it is equipped with Hayward filtration system and buried pool sealing parts. The C-WOOD pool will bring you complete satisfaction. Spend the summer in the water of C-WOOD pool  and share unforgettable moments with your friends...

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C-WOOD Octagonal Swimming Pool

The Choice of Excellence

piscine bois octogonale

C-Wood pools are the best investment pleasure and durability.

Provenance and traceability of C-Wood pools: piscine cwood, normes

All our swimming pools are made in France with wood originating materials from Landes forests and certified PEFC label. We select high quality trees for the manufacture of our swimming pools, according to very precise specifications, we only recover the lower part of the trunk. This quality of timber is used for fine joinery.  The sawmills are located within 20km away our workshops, this guarantees wood materials of local origin. The dry wood materials arrive in our workshops to be machined and then sent to impregnation treatment (duramen of the wood).DURAMEN BOIS PARFAIT

Our autoclave station (certified station CTB-B +) is located 20km away from our workshops, which allows us to check the progress of the treatment process. All our woods are Class IV CTB-B + autoclave treated (without the use of arsenic or chromium) for effective protection against insects and molds. The CTB-B + treatment is :

  • The assurance of effective protection.
  • Compliance with health and environmental regulations.
  • Professional approach for high quality  of technical details.
  • Regular inspection by a certifying commission.

The Class IV treatment allows the use of wood in a damp environment (FYI, Class IV wood-treated in other countries often corresponds to Class III in France). The quality of our treatment makes it possible to obtain the NF label. The class IV autoclave process allows us to provide 10-years warranty on our structures.

The quality of C-WOOD :

You need C-WOOD swimming pool if you opt for a high-end swimming pool, it has natural materials treated in an ecological way and guaranteeing a traceability. C-WOOD swimming pool makes it possible to combine a natural, aesthetic and durable structure...

C-WOOD swimming pool offers a lot of benefits :

  • Class IV wood-treated and NF certified.
  • Wide range of sizes and colors.
  • The possibility of integrating an internal staircase.
  • The possibility to adapt a swimming pool to the constraints of your environment.
  • Solidity in all tests, the wood structure is laid "crossed" like a wall in cinder blocks to avoid any risk of deformation. (Tonneau shape.)
  • Logs with 50mm thickness and the maximum length of 2.30m to avoid any risk of shearing.
  • Reinforcements by struts of wood with a distance of 1.15m between them, in order to avoid the deformation of the structure.
  • Sealing parts of identical quality in distinction to those used for traditional swimming pools.
  • PVC piping and fittings identical to traditional underground pools.
  • The pump and filter are identical to traditional pools.
  • It allows to implement a concrete slab in order to avoid any weak points and the risk of deformation.
  • It is no longer necessary to wait for the reception of the pool to be able to make the slab.
  • Possibility of quick installation on a sand bed.
  • Sealing parts are made in France, with the possibility of matching them to the color of the liner.
  • Cache wooden sealing parts (option).
  • All our filtrations are oversized.

Being the owner of C-WOOD swimming pool is the assurance of having an eco-friendly investment with the durable materials, respectful of the environment and to be able to enjoy the swimming pool during very long period.

Installation of C-WOOD swimming pools :

1- The surface requirements :

  • Choose the ideal location, as sunny as possible, taking into consideration local regulations (distance from fences, public servitude, networks, etc.).
  • Avoid placing your pool under electric wires under the branches of a tree or unstable terrain.
  • Swimming pool should be in the sunniest and easy accessible location.
  • The structure must be mounted on stable ground. Never on embankment.

2-Location :

  • Determine the location of your pool by marking the ground.
  • 3 possibilities of installations are available:

    • Above-ground.
    • Half-ground.
    • In-ground.
  • Very solid structure thanks to "L" struts (optional).
  • Wooden legs, no metal shoe will attach to your concrete slab.jambes de force piscine C-WOOD
  • If your pool is partially or completely buried, you need to dismantle an additional 60cm area on the side of the struts and an additional 20cm for the other sides. This procedure applies only in the case of L-shaped struts.
  • The pool must be installed in such a way that the skimmers are positioned in front of the prevailing winds.
  • Ensure that the water flows regardless of its origin (rain, watering, water table ...).

Attention : Never use a Delta MS table-cloth: CSTB Technical Advice 7 / 13-1559 does not provide wood transformation.

3-Installation :

montage piscine cwood

  1. Nesting of planks on top of each other. Planks should be crossed at each row for more solid structure.
  2. Groove / tongue for easy mounting.
  3. Wood cladding to perfect the esthetism of the pool.
  4. Reinforced underlay.

C-WOOD Pool Facilities :

1/ Filtration :

C-Piscine wants you to feel the benefits of wide range of wooden pools with high quality filtration, robust and supporting the temperature extremes. Only Hayward is a quality reference in the world of swimming pools, it can respond favorably to these criteria. That's why all C-WOOD pools feature a Hayward Powerline Sand Filter and Hayward Powerline Filtration Pump. You will be able to keep a healthy and crystalline water very easily throughout the swimming season thanks to the quality of filtration equipment.filtration piscine bois c-wood

The principle of filtration is simple: water is absorbed from the pool by the pump and then derived via the 6-way valve into the tank where the filter is located. The water passes through the filter charge under the pressure (filter balls, sand etc ...), then it discharges all the impurities before passing through the strainers and ascending to the valve via the collecting tube. It is finally sent back into the basin.

Hayward Powerline sand filter: TOP model , the valve above the tank.
Enter / Exit : 1"1/2 (50mm).

Sand filter flow :

  • 10m³/h

Sand required (not included) :

  • 100kg.

Filter balls (not included) :

  • 2,8kg.
Hayward Powerline Filtration Pump: 0.33CV or 0.50CV depending on the size of your swimming pool.
Enter / Exit : 50mm to 32/38mm.

2/ Two-part ladder :

  • Interior ladder 3 steps made of stainless steel.
  • Outdoor ladder 4 steps made of wood.

échelles piscine C-Wood

3/ Liner :

  • 6 colors are available.coloris liner pour piscine C-wood
  • Thickness 75/100e.
  • Hung fixation: a hooking rod will be fastened to the entire perimeter of the basin, at the top of the wall. This rod comprises a rail in which the liner will be fixed.

fixation hung

4 / Parts to be sealed :

  • High quality sealing parts are used for underground pools.
  • Skimmer Grande Elegance back wall is made in France. Available in white, blue, sand, gray or anthracite gray colors.
  • skimmer grande meurtrière
  • Elegance nozzles are made in France. White is the color by default. (Optional colors: blue, sand, gray or anthracite gray.)buse de refoulement c wood
  • Electric box to automate the filtration.

     coffret électrique de filtration

5/ Felt pads :feutre paroi piscine c wood

  • Bottom felt 200g/m²: it must be placed before assembling of the structure. It protects the liner and increases comfort.

  • Wall felt 200g/m²: it is installed after the C-WOOD pool installation but before the installation of the liner. This will constitute a protective layer.

The differences :

French made Yes Yes No No
Wood origin
France France Eastern countries Eastern countries
Autoclave treatment
NF NF / /
More than 80 dimensions Yes No No No
Possibility to measure Yes No No No
Beam thickness 50 mm 45 mm 45 mm 45 mm
Structure 100% made of wood
Yes; no metallic cradle; no visible bolts No; metal cradle and visible bolts No; metal cradle and visible bolts No; metal cradle and visible bolts
Curbstone thickness 35mm / 70mm 28mm 27mm 28mm
Junction between borders
Wood Steel Steel /
Installation Compacted sand bed or concrete slab concrete slab concrete slab concrete slab
Skimmer Grande Elegance
Yes No No No
Interior stairs Yes (option) No No No
Liner Manufacturer Warranty 10 years 2 years 2 years 2 years
The colors of liner 6 colors are available 2 colors are available 2 colors are available 2 colors are available
Pump and filter quality for traditional swimming pools for above-ground pools for above-ground pools for above-ground pools
Plumbing and Pipe Fittings In-ground pool quality Above-ground pool quality Above-ground pool quality Above-ground pool quality

Technical specifications :

C-WOOD pool models 3,34 x 3,84m 3,84 x 4,35m 4,34 x 4,80m 4,84 x 5,24m 5,07 x 5,47m
Shape octagonal octagonal octagonal octagonal octagonal
Height 1,50m 1,50m 1,50m 1,50m 1,50m
External dimensions 3,34 x 3,84m 3,84 x 4,35m 4,34 x 4,80m 4,84 x 5,24m 5,07 x 5,47m
Internal dimensions 3,00 x 3,50m 3,50 x 4,01m 4,00 x 4,46m 4,50 x 4,90m 4,73 x 5,13m
Height of water line 1,35m 1,35m 1,35m 1,35m 1,35m
Water volume 11,8m³ 15,5m³ 19,5m³ 23,8m³ 25,9m³
Hayward Powerline TOP sand filter (filter does not included) 10m³/h 10m³/h 10m³/h 10m³/h 10m³/h
Hayward Powerline Filter Pump 0,33CV 0,33CV 0,33CV 0,33CV 0,33CV
Skimmer Grande Elegance 
yes yes yes yes yes
Liner thickness 75/100e, choice of colors thickness 75/100e, choice of colors thickness 75/100e, choice of colors thickness 75/100e, choice of colors thickness 75/100e, choice of colors
Beam thickness 50mm 50mm 50mm 50mm 50mm
Curbstone thickness 35mm 35mm 35mm 35mm 35mm
The bottom felt and wall felt Included, thickness :200g/ Included, thickness :200g/ Included, thickness :200g/ Included, thickness :200g/ Included, thickness :200g/
Interior ladder 3 stainless steel steps with platinum 3 stainless steel steps with platinum 3 stainless steel steps with platinum 3 stainless steel steps with platinum 3 stainless steel steps with platinum
Exterior ladder 4 wood steps 4 wood steps 4 wood steps 4 wood steps 4 wood steps

Delivery :

camion avec charriot embarqué

C-WOOD pools are delivered via trucks equipped with a forklift. The unloading of your pool will be facilitated using the forklift.

Warranties and standards :

normes piscine c wood

Options :

  • Corner staircase (right or left)

escalier dans l'angle, piscine bois cwood

  • Staircase width

escalier sur la largueur

  • Halogen projector 100W.
  • 100W halogen spotlight with a hole.

Projecteur led

  • 2 Halogen spotlights 100W.
  • 2 Halogen spotlights 100W with a hole.

  • LED projector 15W

projecteur led

  • Liner is available in several colors.


  • Technical room, large model or small model.

local petit modèle, local grand modèle

  • Parts to be sealed: Colors of white origin. Optional colors are blue, sand, gray or anthracite gray.

pièces à sceller pour piscine C-Wood

  • Original: "L" strength legs. Optional: straight legs.

jambe de force droite pour piscine bois c-wood

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