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Desalgine is a concentrated liquid algaecide for the prevention of algae growth. In addition, Desalgine contains a clarifier for enhanced sparkling water.

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Bayrol Desalgine 3L

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Bayrol is the first chemist in the world to have developed an algaecide formula that can prevent the appearance of algae in a pond. This formula has made it possible to develop the Desalgine, an essential product to fight effectively against algae. Bayrol's Desalgine has the effect of disrupting the metabolism of the algae, thus preventing it from growing and proliferating. You put all the chances to avoid green water by using the Desalgine at the beginning of the season.

Algae are microorganisms that produce unwanted organic matter that creates a favorable soil for the growth of bacteria and fungi. It is therefore essential to prevent the formation of algae.

Common disinfectants alone are not sufficient to prevent proliferation. In addition, algae can become resistant to chlorine over time, the chlorine cannot penetrate the viscous residue of the alga more strongly when large colonies have formed. Against algae, prevention is better than cure. The effective and regular preventive treatment with Desalgine or Desalgine Jet disrupts the metabolism of the algae. It dies, or, as the case may be, its growth is stopped.

BAYROL has been able to optimize all its algaecides for use in swimming pools due to an advanced process developed in the laboratory and undeniable experience in this industry. It is highly effective against all types of algae due to its broad spectrum of activity.

BAYROL algaecides represent reliable protection against algae, even dosed in small quantities due to its unique and effective combination of active ingredients, these products prevent not only the appearance of algae, but also prevent the growth of bacteria and eliminate the substances that disturb the water (clarifying effect).

All BAYROL algaecides are free of chlorine and heavy metals.



  • Preliminary treatment: spray 1-2% solution on the walls. Allow to dry before putting the pool in water.
  • Getting started: pour 150ml for 10m3 of desalgine in front of the discharge nozzles.
  • Preventive weekly treatment: pour 50ml / 10m3 (30ml for indoor pools).
  • Presence of algae: brush the walls and clean the filter, perform the usual shock treatment, then pour 250ml / 10m3.


  • Recommended dosage: 50ml/10m3, once a week.
  • Place of dosage of the product: directly in the pool.
  • Filter type: any type of filter.
  • Dimensions of the pool: all dimensions.
  • Frequency of dosing: weekly.

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