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The Calcinex is stable liquid, it can be used with chlorine which prevents the formation of limestone or stains due to metal parts in your pool. Calcinex helps to prevent the formation of rough surfaces. The limestone is unsightly and sometimes it cannot be removed after a long time...

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Bayrol Calcinex 

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Bayrol has developed Calcinex as a preventive product that makes influence on the formation of limestone and iron's stains. Bayrol recommends to use Calcinex early in the season in order to take advantage of its long-lasting action. It does not bring any nutrients to the algae, thus does not encourage their proliferation without phosphates.

It is easy-to-use product that helps to stabilize your water throughout the season. Specially recommended towards limestone in combination with liquid pH neutralizer stabilizer. It prevents the formation of calcareous deposits and iron's stains on the walls or at the bottom of your pool, or in the heat exchanger and in the filter. It also prevents the water colorings caused by the precipitation of metallic ions.

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Calcinex has a long lasting action since it is stable in combination with chlorine: it is used only once at the beginning of the season, and possibly during the season in case new water is supplied.


  • Prevents formation of calcareous precipitates.
  • Protects equipment from tartar.
  • Prevents metallic precipitates and stains on liners.
  • pH neutral.
  • Phosphate-free.


  • Use Calcinex when the hardness (TH °) exceeds 25 ° F and when the water contains metal ions.
  • Recommended dosage: 300ml / 10m3.
  • Pour directly into the basin, filtration in operation.
  • Compatible with any type of filter.
  • Dosing frequency: after filling and if necessary.

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