The filter balls, it is a new filtration solution that will make your life easier.

700G of filter balls are equal to 25Kg of sand!

Filtration fineness of 1.5 microns!

Suitable for all Sand filters!

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Filter Balls for Sand Filters

balles filtrantes pour filtre à sable

Are you tired of carrying sand bags of 25kg that hurt your back? Are you tired of finding sand traces in your pool? The filter balls will change not only your life but your filter system as well.

700g of filter balls is equivalent to 25kg of sand filter or glass filter!


1) Lightweight and easy to use:

  • It is easy to use. It is packed in cardboard of 700g.
  • 700g of filter balls are packed in carton and equivalent to 25kg sand bag.
  • Filter balls are easier to apply than sand filter or filter glass.

2) Quality of the Filtration:

Its fibrous structure allows the filtration fineness of 1.5 microns! For example, the sand has only 40 microns filtration fineness.
High dirt holding capacity. (98% of the particles are captured).

comparaison medias filtrants

3) Economy:

  • Achieve energy savings of 40%.
  • Reduce the frequency of washing countermeasures which has the effect of saving energy and water.

4) Environment friendly:

  • 100% polyethylene and 100% recyclable.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Long service life (5 years).

5) Resistance:

  • Chemicals: Its 100% polyester composition gives it a high resistance to chemicals.
  • Climate : resistant to frost and heat.
  • Clogging: the filter balls keep the same shape and do not clog, which is not the case with sand.

It fits to the following filters:

  • Sand filter 4m³/h: 1 boxes of 700g.
  • Sand filter 6m³/h: 2 boxes of 700g.
  • Sand filter 8-10m³/h: 3 boxes of 700g.
  • Sand filter 12m³/h: 4 boxes of 700g.
  • Sand filter 14m³/h: 6 boxes of 700g.
  • Sand filter 22m³/h: 10 boxes of 700g.
  • Sand filter 33m³/h: 14 boxes of 700g.


The use of filter balls is similar to that of glass or sand filters without disadvantages:

  • Step 1 : Open the filter tank of your sand filter.
  • Step 2 : Remove the filter material and clean the filter bowl.
  • Step 3 : Fill the tank with the filter balls. 700g equal to 25kg of sand.
  • Step 4 : Close the tank
  • Step 5 : Start the filtering.


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